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Does Anyone Else Feel This Resemblance?

The reason I say 'feel' rather than 'see' is because I don't think they necessarily look alike but they just give off the same vibe to me?

I always felt like Yunho was this kind older brother/father figure and I get that feeling with Jaehyun too. Like a traditionally manly feel? Does that even make sense?!

I think they look enough alike that they could be brothers though :)

See for yourself:

What do you think?

their nose is kind of the same. but the feel to me is different. Jaehyun is kind of like the older brother but not like the old man feel. & Jaehyun is a perv. Like Yunho is like more of the manly older brother. and more like the conservative type older brother.
hahah i never said old man! i just meant like a father figure, a protective male figure hahahaa
@kpopandkimchi lol. I was using old man as a reference for my example. Jaehyun to me is not like a father more like brother. Yunho he has that older brother feel to me. lol
maybe its the eyebrows + chin? idk let me know what you think
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