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EDITED to add youtube link for LMH's new song LOVE HURTS for Heirs OST !! with English subtitles. cr. to uploader ---------------------------------------------------------- On December 3, Starhaus Entertainment announced that Lee Min Ho will be singing the new theme song for Kim Tan. The company explained that Painful Love is an emotional ballad which expresses the feelings of a man who only has his eyes locked on one girl. Painful Love will be released on December 4. ----------------------- Yes, our very own Lee Min Ho aka Kim Tan will be singing a song for HEIRS OST. I'm so excited -- can't wait to hear his new song !
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can't wait I was thinking about it why oppa didn't sign one of the songs so excited
4 years ago·Reply
yahoooo .... thanks a ton ... waited 4 dis from a long time .. really excited
4 years ago·Reply
updated the card to add the youtube video of LMH's new song !!!
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I hope tgere will be english version
4 years ago·Reply
i included the video with English subtitles.
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