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Absolute Darling preview just out... =( looks veryyy sad though *wails* I'm putting out the previews as soon as I get them so follow me at ====================================== Company: Look carefully, this is what happens to you when you don't listen to the company Nai Te: I know... [Scream] Xiao Fei: Nai Te!!! Company: Even if you stop working, that would be okay? Nai Te: If you want me to forget Xiao Fei, and remain as a robot, then I would rather die while still loving Xiao Fei Xiao Fei: It's too late to say it, isn't it... but I've only just realised... I really really like you. I love you. Nai Te: I believe, that I can always stay by your side
me too.... please please dont break up...
i hope there will be a change of ending ,i want them to be together at the end of the series...
2nd version of the Episode 12 preview is here