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Absolute Darling Ep 13 preview out... i think i am going to cryyyy when I watch it *SOB* please share with ur friends everyone! just click on the f/t button ======================================= Nai Te: I feel like I am sooo happy that I could die Xiao Fei: Do I look pretty? Do you like it? Nai Te: Yes! You look beautiful... Lei Wu Wu: You havent been sleeping, right? Kun Da: I cant... Nai Te only has one day left... Nai Te: Is there anything in this world that can make you truly happy now? Because today... is the last day that I can still be your boyfriend
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Waaa how sad I didn't get to see it! lucky you : D well at least I got the written preview, thank you Luka : D still so sad... preparing my tissues now for that episode : (
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oh i found another link to ep 13 preview!!! check it out here
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Thank you! : )
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yaay the video works now!
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I like Goo Hye Sun>> where can I watch full episode?
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