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His body was numb from the impact but he managed to float back up to the surface. He stared up at the sky, watching the blackness hanging far above him, disappear. “Where… where am I… where are the others” he thought to himself before he blacked out.

The young man sat listening to Dr. Kim explain what she was going to do. But all he could really do was stare at her neckline. She wasn't wearing her pendant.

“Where's your pretty necklace?” He asked, interrupting her.

She touched her chest as if checking to see if it was still there.

“Oh, I didn't wear it. I try not to have anything restricting on. Watches, earrings, rings, hairpins, my glasses… necklaces. You know, just in case something were to happen.” She said.

That was when he noticed how she was dressed. Plain looking clothes; sweats, plain t-shirt, running shoes, her hair up in a ponytail.

“Last time, I had a patient who literally ripped my earring out and tried to swallow it. Strange and unusual things happen when one is under hypnosis. That's why I asked the guard to stay in here in case I need his help. So are you ready?”

He thought about his dream, “Do you really think this will work? I think I made progress last night. I had a dream.”

She looked interested, “Oh really? What kind of dream?”

“It was strange. I was sitting in a room, alone, then someone came in and took me to another room where they took… They took something from me.” He searched his memory of that dream but for some reason, he couldn't remember what it was they took.

“You don't remember?” She asked.

He shook his head.

She gave him an understanding grin, “Well, this hypnosis can probably help. Should we get started?”

They sat in silence for a few minutes, taking only deep breaths. She pulled a long cord from her pocket. She wrapped the one end around her finger and let the rest fall out of her hand. It was the pendant. He watched it as she began to swing it back and forth slowly. He could hear her speaking, all he could see was the pretty round stone swinging back and forth in front of him.

He didn't feel anything only that he had shut his eyes for a second, when he opened them, he found himself in that cold grey room again. Waiting. When he looked around, realizing he was alone, he curled his legs up to his chest, wrapping his arms firmly around his legs. He felt he had to wait. It would be his turn again. They would try to take his light again. But they would never succeed because he had hidden it away. When the war started, they all knew what the red force was after and he made the sacrifice to find a safe place for it.

His mind shifted.

He was in the middle of a battle. He got shot in the shoulder, someone came and pulled him to safety. The young man standing over him, placed his hands over his wounded shoulder and pretty soon the pain was gone. The young man helped him up and patted his back. He couldn't help but feel relieved seeing that dimple pop out when he smiled. The boy had the warmest smile he had ever seen. He said something but he couldn't hear. There was a warmth spreading throughout his body. When he looked at his forearms, where he had been burned by the near shots of the lasers, they healed and scarred over. He touched his eyebrow where he had cut his head open a few days before, it was stitched up, that too, was gone. Then he heard that young man's voice, “I'll always be with you, healing you when you need it.”

His mind shifted.

He found himself floating through space and time. He could see a planet far ahead of him, small and blue spinning around a yellow sun. He didn't know how to stop himself. He was afraid he was going shoot past it. Then he heard a voice telling him what to do, but when his body came out of the tunnel that he was traveling through, he realized too late he left the tunnel too soon and was dropping through the atmosphere like a rock.

His body hit the freezing cold water.

Dr. Kim jumped back and ran behind her chair when he jumped up all of sudden, gasping for air. He grabbed his throat, reaching toward the ceiling like his life depended on it. His feet lifting off the floor magically, kicking like he was trying swim to the surface.

“You need to come back NOW!” She commanded.

The second he heard that, he collapsed onto the couch. He rolled his head around like he was trying to wake up.

“What happened?” he asked still trying to shake off the heaviness he was feeling. He finally caught sight of the doctor. She looked terrified. “What happened?” He asked again.

“I think you better go back to your room.” She said. She signaled the guard.

The guard came around and pulled him up by his arm but he couldn't stand on his own. His knees buckled. The guard reached down and easily lifted him up and carried him out.

As soon as they left the room, Dr. Kim broke down crying. She couldn't believe what he had said. The things locked up in his subconscious, how he described everything in complete detail and pain. The pain. She pounded her chest. She understood his pain. And most of all he really was who she thought he was. She gathered her things and left, practically running out of the building.

When she got to her car and pulled her keys out. Her pendant fell out. It made a high pitched ping when it hurt the ground. The sound seemed to echo out. She reached down and picked it up. She stared at it for a long time. She knew this day would come, so why was she running away from it. She remembered everything. It was supposed to have been only something her mind made up to cover the fact she has been abandoned. She gripped it tightly in her hand and marched back inside.

The young man laid on his bed. His body still recovering from his experience of hypnosis. He didn't remember anything from it but his body was telling him differently. He felt pressure on his shoulder and a warmth like a mother touching their child. He rubbed his shoulder. He started to get mad. That hypnosis thing didn't do anything. All it did was give him a headache.

That urgency he felt in the pit of his stomach was stronger than ever. He knew he had to be somewhere whether he succeeded or not.

He heard voices. This time they were coming from outside the door. Then the door opened. To his surprise, Dr. Kim came in.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

She went and stood next to his bed. Her gaze stuck to the floor. He could see small tears starting to drop down her red cheeks.

“What…” he started to say but she lifted a closed fist and held it out in front of him.

“All the things you said when you were under… All those things you saw… I had seen too. You brought me here to be safe. You said, you would come back for me when it was safe.” She opened her hand and the pendant dropped onto the bed next to him with a heavy thud. “This is what you came here for… you came for this, your light.” She started to cry even more.

He sat up, looking down at it. Even in the dull light of the room, it shimmered like a diamond in the sun. His heart started to pound as he reached for it. When his hand got closer, it started to shake. He carefully scooped it up.

It seemed to grow in his hand, it grew so much it burst. The light within, began to grow. The young man held his hands out, letting the ball of light wrap around them. It grew and crept up his arms, spreading out like a blanket covering the rest of his body.

It was warm and cold at the same time. He felt it going into every cell of his body as it took him over. It was painful and exhilarating. Like his body had been thirsty as hell and this was exactly what it needed.

Dr. Kim stepped back. Once long ago, she watched it come out of his body, and now, she watched him take back what belonged to only him. She waited the last 20 years for him to come for her but she knew he didn't come for her.

When his light fully absorbed into his body, he leapt off the bed. He stared at his hands, everything, every memory, his mission to that blue planet came back. He looked at the time and remembered what day it was. The sun was already setting. He turned around to Eileen but she was gone. He yelled for her but not by her earth name, by her real name. The name he gave her when she born, as she laid in their mother's arms. His mother asked what name should she have. He looked at her in wonderment, her face so bright like a star.


He ran out the door. The guard jumped up, ready to tackle him. The young man, side stepped along the wall, keeping eye contact with the guard.

“Don't stop me. I have to leave now.” He said, every muscle getting ready to run.

The guard sprinted towards him but the young man held his hands up in defense and light shot out from them, knocking the guard backwards. The guard slid across the floor and laid there dazed and confused.

“I'm sorry but I have to go.”

He ran down the hall. Just as he reached the exit, lights and alarms came on. He could hear foot falls coming up behind him. He looked back and saw the other doctor running after him.

“Wait!” he called but the young man just waved good-bye to him and disappeared.

When he found his way outside, he looked in all directions, calling out to his little sister, “Byul!!“

He ran one way to the end of the building and saw no one there. Just passerbys, looking at him oddly because of the hospital gown he still wore. He shook his head, he wasn't going anywhere until he found her. Just as he was about run the other way, he felt something pulling him. He ran towards it. It took him down the street, past several other buildings. He came around a corner and almost ran into her sitting on the curb. She was curled up and crying. He sat down next to her.

“Why did you leave?” He asked still breathing heavy.

She turned away, “Why are you here? You have to leave soon.”

“Byul… come with me.” He got up and held his hand out to her.

She looked up at him, her eyes red and puffy, “You left me here all those years ago, Hyun. You said you would come back for me when it was safe. But from what you said, it's not safe. The war is still raging. You and the others are still fighting it.” She looked away and got up on her own. She stood up tall, towering over him by a couple inches. She took a deep breath. “I know you didn't come for me. You needed your power back so that you can save them. You revealed all that. So don't try to deny it.”

He smiled at her. He couldn't believe how well she grew up. Before when he couldn't remember who she reminded him of, he knew now. She resembled their mother. She had the same face, eyes, lips, and nose

He grabbed her hand and pulled her behind him. They ran through the streets as fast as they could. He would stop every now and then, looking up at the darkening sky. It was going to be close. His contact would soon be there.

“Where are we going?” She asked. She would try to catch her breath when they stopped.

“We have to hurry.” He grabbed her hand, looking at the stars starting to appear.

They ran and ran until they came to a park. He looked at the trees, seeing how they sat spread out and in line with one another. He imagined being high above them, seeing that pattern they made. It had six sides to it with trees dotting the center of it in a criss-cross pattern.

“We're here.”

They walked to the middle. He looked around. There was no one around. It was quiet, except for the birds chirping happily in the dark.

“Do you feel anything?” He asked.

She shook her head, looking around as well, “I feel nothing. Just the burning in my lungs.”

A grin suddenly appeared, he figured she must've forgotten it, “I mean other than that. Do you feel, ummm, like a presence? Sometimes it feels like something is pulling at your insides, or sometimes it feels like you can feel a second heart beating inside your chest.”

She took a deep breath and held it, she waited for what he described, “Then… I still don't feel anything.”

Out of nowhere, someone spoke up, “She's human. How could she know.” Someone stepped out from behind a tree, “but it worries me that YOU didn't know I was here. You spent too much time here.”

Byul’s eyes nearly popped out of her head as her mouth dropped. He was so good looking. His smooth skin glistened even in the dark. His eyes were burning into her. She swallowed hard and looked down, creeping back behind her brother.

“I lost my memory for a little while.” He looked at Byul, who was hiding. “What's with you? Come say hello to Kai. I'm sure you remember him. You used to jump on his back.”

“Byul? This is Byul?” He looked at her from head to toe, “Waaah, you've become a woman. Are you still going to marry me?” He asked and started to laugh.

She blushed and hid even more behind her brother remembering that she did tell him exactly that, that she wanted to marry him and he promised her, he would. That was over 15 years ago, she couldn't understand how they looked so young. Even younger than herself.

“Are you ready?” Kai asked.

“Yes.” Hyun turned to Byul, he took her hands in his.

Byul felt her heart break. He was leaving her again, “I guess it's time for you to go.”

Hyun smiled, “No. It's time for US to go. I'm not leaving you behind. Never again will I leave you behind.” He hugged her tightly.

Kai walked over and took both their hands. “Hold on tight.”

At the last second, Kai wrapped one arm around Byul’s waist, holding her closer to him and gazing into her eyes.

“When we get back, I'm keeping my promise.” He said smiling.

Hyun rolled his eyes as they disappeared into thin air, calling out to Kai, “HEY! OVER MY DEAD BODY!”
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