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HBCD dance practice.

“If you have a three minute stage you only have that three minutes to prove yourself. Even you’re in pain, no one will care - but they will judge if you are doing well or not. So even if my leg will break, i won’t let it break in that three mins”. - Jackson Wang HBDC / cr. 왕 ‏

he was in so much pain :-(((



Hes so strong. I honestly don't care about his image, if hes hurt then he needs to fix it or else itll effect him way more in the future.
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Any fan would want him to rest and wouldn't care about those 3 minutes. Stuff like this nakes me so sad. Like please rest and take care of yourself.
he so strong I just hope he gets some rest I know he said that he wants to work hard and I respect that but jackson I really hope you get some rest Oh ok I hope you feel better soon love you beautiful king 😊😍❤ #teamwang
I'd rather he rest than cause an injury to get worse and he can't perform at all anymore. You only get one body Jackson and we as your fans want you healthy and at your best. We'd not think any less of you if you take care of your body first. In fact I'd personally love you more for being diligent in keeping yourself healthy.
@CallMeMsDragon Yes totally should send this messenge on his IG..😁😁😁
Poor baby 😢