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Win-Win For Patients As Well As Doctors

Gone are the days when people requiring immediate medical attention had to travel all the way to see a doctor. With the advent of tech-based start-ups, now the doctors are available round-the-clock on phone for immediate consultations and if required your chosen specialist will pay a visit to your doorsteps right away

By Sujeet Kumar Jha

Telemedicine services being run by a range of start-ups have made the life convenient for the people requiring immediate medical attention. Ask a doctor online is one such unique service that ensures immediate medical attention being given to the patients in need. A wide range of physicians and surgeons remain available round the clock to offer their services to the patients through this app. When contacted by a patient, the doctor accesses the medical record and history of the patient online and immediately issues the prescription.

A patient just requires going online and sharing the real time symptoms with the available doctor and in return a prescription is provided by the doctor immediately. Just think of a situation: if a person is at his workstation and suddenly his condition deteriorates. Immediately if a specialist doctor is available to consult with through ask a doctor online facility, the situation of the patient can immediately be brought under control. The app is equally advantageous for the doctors, as they are paid online in their bank account instantly.

Doctor on call near me is another unique service that helps the people conveniently contact a doctor wherever they are. A quick conversation on phone with a specialist can avoid more than 70% of all the visits to the doctors, as per different studies. It also saves the patients from a lot of hassles that they go through while reaching to a doctor’s clinic even in their critical situations. Running through internet this online facility has completely changed the way the facilities in healthcare industry were envisioned until now.

Most importantly the patients can even choose the best available specialists through a list of renowned doctors provided by the healthcare chains running doctor on call near me service. Not only for the patients, but for the doctors as well such services has emerged as sure shot guarantee of easy patients discovery and the benefits like guaranteed consultation hours around the globe. Now actually they don’t require any particular clinic to sit and spend hours in the search of regular patients. They just require to register themselves with the healthcare chains running such tech-based medical and consultation services.

Tech-based online facilities like ask a doctor online and doctor on call near me have made the life easier for the patients requiring immediate medical advice. For the doctors as well, such applications have emerged as regular income stream.