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1) Waiting in line. Stave off that clenched-jaw feeling while in line at the bank or grocery store. Instead, connect with your breath; exhale stress and inhale goodness. 2) At work. You can’t exactly slip into Savasana in your cubicle, but you can do some light yoga at work to loosen tight muscles and increase the flow of oxygen throughout your body. One easy favorite? The desk chair seated spinal twist: Sit up tall in your chair, and gently twist left or right from the navel, lengthening the spine with each inhale and twisting deeper with each exhale. Use the back of the chair to (gently) go farther into the twist. 3) In bed. Rather than drift right off to sleep, take a few minutes to connect with your body and breath while in bed. Hug your knees into your chest and gently rock them back and forth. Rock your neck side to side, releasing the neck muscles. Point and flex your toes. Circle your wrists. 4) In the car. Traffic stressing you out? Another great time to connect to your breath and do a mental “body scan” to release any tension (especially behind the eyes or in the jaw). Or, try some gentle neck rolls (only when your car is stopped, of course!). So, did you try any of that yet?Lemme know if you liked these idea -O^