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My Prince Charming Chapter 2

The restaurant was full and Jin kept looking at his watch, hoping that he wasn’t late. He could hear his mother in the back of his mind yelling at him for making a young lady wait. As the line moved and Jin was up talking with host, his eye caught a familiar golden-brown hair. She turned around and both locked eyes before she quickly turned away.
“What was your name again sir?” the hostess asked Jin pulling him away from his trance.
“Seokjin, Kim Seokjin.”
“Alright follow me, I assume your date will be coming shortly?” she asked leading Jin to his table. The closer he came to the woman with golden-brown hair, his heart began to race. Jin didn’t know the reason why besides the slight spark that he felt earlier that day. She looked up at him, eyes full of hope and worry locked with his. Though, when he walked past, she looked away with defeat written on her face.
“Mr. Kim?” the hostess asked pulling him away once again.
“Sorry?” He asked not sure what he was sorry for.
“Your date, will they be coming here shortly?”
“Yes, I believe so.” Jin replied and with that was handed a menu to glance at while he waited.Occasionally, Jin would look up from the menu and look at her. He believed, more like remembered, that her name was Mi Sun. The looked at her face was annoyance and impatience. She must have been waiting for thirty minutes and her date hadn’t arrived. He watched as her left hand clenched into a fist. Her knuckles turned white the tighter she squeezed.
His attention was soon turned away from Mi Sun to his date who arrived a few minutes after him. She apologized over and over on how sorry she was being late. Jin told her that she wasn’t late, but on time since he just arrived shortly before her. While his date spoke with him, at the corner of Jin’s eye a man walked in and sat a crossed from Mi Sun. The annoyance on Mi Sun’s face left being replaced with a tolerant expression. Jin felt like he was imposing, so he looked away and answered a question that his date asked him.
“So, what do you do in your free time?” Jin’s date asked him.
“I read occasionally, and I cook.” Jin answered grabbing his glass of water in front of him. “What about you?” he asked after placing his glass down.
“Oh, I work so much that I don’t have the spare time to go and do something. I had to make time to come here tonight. My aunt was insistent that came. She thinks that I will be an unmarried woman when she dies. In truth, I just want to get my career going before I settle down.” she explained.
Jin just nodded as his attention was grabbed by Mi Sun, as she stood up, leaving the man who was still sitting there. Something happened and Jin unknowingly why, wanted to know what happened. Before he knew what, he was doing, he apologized to his date and went after Mi Sun.
Jin stopped at the hostess and handed her cash to pay for his dates dinner. Along with telling the hostess to tell his date that he was sorry for walking out on her. When Jin walked out, he looked to his right and his left looking for her. Spotting her on his left, Jin walked as fast as he could to catch up to her. He kept his distance from her as she walked. Mi Sun kept walking, past the parking lot where her car was located, past a crosswalk, only to stop at a park with swings.
Jin walked up to her, so he didn’t feel like a stalker. Her left hand was in a fist again, and without thinking, Jin placed his hand over hers. Her left hand relaxed and was slightly opened revealing marks from her fingernails. Mi Sun relaxed and felt safe as Jin’s hands rubbed her wrist. Looking up at him, she froze.Jin didn’t acknowledge her stare, as he grabbed her wrist, and walked her back to where her car was located. Mi Sun just followed him and let him dig into her bag for her keys.
Opening the passenger side, Jin helped Mi Sun in the car before he walked over to the driver side. He didn’t start the car right away, they just sat there for a good 15 minutes before Jin started the car and drove. He didn’t know where she lived, so he drove around Seoul without uttering a word.Mi Sun looked out the window irritated, defeated, and overall just pissed off at everything. Her hands were in fists again, digging into the palm of her hands.
At a red light, Jin looked over at her to see if Mi Sun was ok. However, her hands clenched and the detached look on her face told Jin that she wasn’t. Repeating what he did at the park, Jin placed his hand over hers once more. Just like before, her hands relaxed, only this time, Mi Sun held onto his hand.
“I apologize for ruining your date tonight.” Mi Sun said when the light turned green and the car began to move again.
“No need to apologize. I was on a blind date and I was ready to leave any ways.” Jin replied to her question. Though in the back of his head he was going to get an ear full of why he left before the date started.
Mi Sun wasn’t buying it, but let it pass. They continued to drive around, until they settled at the Han River. Jin parked the car and they sat there. With their hands inner linked, Jin watched Mi Sun as she traced his hand and drew circles on the top of his hand.
“The date that I was on, really wasn’t a date. My mother set me up on a date for the end of a business deal. The man that I was with, of course, showed up late, and the reason why I left abruptly, was what he said.” Mi Sun blurted out clenching her fist again, only this time she was gripping his hand.
“So, in the end we didn’t have the best night.” He stated with a small chuckle. Mi Sun chuckled with him releasing the grip she had on his hand. The blood rushed back in his hand, but he ignored it as she went back to drawing circles once again. When an hour went by, Mi Sun offered him a ride back to his car. Jin confessed that he didn’t have his car with him. He explained that the youngest member of seven men living in one place, was moving in and that they needed Jin’s car to move his things in. Without moving, neither Jin or Mi Sun moved, their hands still intertwined, minutes passed and Jin let go of her hand and got out of the car. Mi Sun was confused on what he was doing, ignoring the feeling of how well his hand fit in hers.
Jin opened the passenger door and held out his hand, the one that held hers a few minutes ago. Mi Sun looked at him confused and felt odd by the fact that he was just standing there with the door opened and his hand stretched out. Ultimately, she reached out and took his hand. Closing the car door, Jin lead her to the trail by the Han River.They walked the trail and all that Mi Sun could think was how safe she felt. Her mother was nonexistent, and for once Mi Sun was herself.
Without thinking of her actions, Mi Sun leaned into his warmth while looking up at the stars. Jin’s heart raced as they walked as he was thinking that if Mi Sun wasn’t his boss, he would think that this was a date. Deep down he knew that he was just giving her comfort somehow on the long walk by the river. They both stopped, and Mi Sun linked her arm with his placing her head on his shoulder.She felt at peace and she allowed her thoughts of liking the man that she was finding comfort in. Though when the thought of her mother, Mi Sun abruptly let go of his hand and arm. Jin closed his eyes waiting for her to yell at him.
“Um thank you for giving some company. I should head out, I could offer you a ride home.” Mi Sun stated.
“No, it's fine. Where I live isn’t far from here, and two of my roommates are here.” Jin said looking over, spotting Jimin and Taehyung down a little way from him and Mi Sun.“Oh, ok then. I’ll just be on my way.” Mi Sun walked past him only to be stopped when he stood in front of her.
“Let me walk you to the car. We walked a long way and I would feel better knowing that you made it to your car safely.” Jin spoke as he looked down at her.Mi Sun didn’t say anything and walked around him to where car was parked. Jin took it as a yes and walked behind her. No one spoke as they walked, and Mi Sun was feeling the sense of comfort radiate off him and the thoughts she had earlier threatened to emerge.
“Um, thank you once again. I ah don’t want Ji Su to find out, so if you could…” she trailed off thinking of a way to explain to him that what happened tonight could be swept under the rug.
“Keep it to myself?” Jin finished the unspoken question. Mi Sun just nodded and then got into her car. Jin sighed as he walked back to where Jimin and Taehyung were still at. When the two of them spotted Jin, they walked over and bombarded him with questions. Jin just told the two young ones that what they saw was nothing and that they should forget about it. Though, as much as Jin wanted to, he couldn’t forget how comfortable he was with her.
Paris Boutique was days away from the grand opening day. As usual, Ji Su was in her office working away on new designs while finishing others. Mi Sun had the job of training the new hired staff. Jin, had many things to get in order while being trained. Both Mi Sun and Jin, avoided each other, well more on the lines of Mi Sun was avoiding him. Jin ignored how she was acting and did his job. Ji Su when she took a break every now and then, would notice how the two would act. Jin would go over to Mi Sun to ask questions and if Jin brushed against her without realizing that he is doing so, Mi Sun would stiffen up.
Ji Su thought how odd it was that Mi Sun would react that way. One day at lunch, Ji Su asked Mi Sun what was up with Jin and her. Mi Sun would just say it was nothing, though Ji Su would think otherwise.After what happened a week ago, Jin did what he was asked, to forget about what happened that night.
Though deep down Jin didn’t think he should hide it as it wasn’t shameful. All they did was keep each other company and held hands. Nothing else happened. On the other hand, Mi Sun was freaking out within. At night she couldn’t help but think what would happen if things between her and Jin worked out, but then she would go into the negative of what would come out the relationship that would never happen. There were some nights that she would lay awake thinking that her mother would find out and do what she did to Mi Sun’s last relationship. Thinking of it made her nauseated. As the week went there was only two days left before the opening.
The girls were never home as they were burning the midnight oil to make sure everything was perfect. The day before the opening, the day was like any other day. The girls were in their office working when they heard voices in the front of the store. Ji Su go up hearing a familiar voice as she walked up to the front of the shop. Ji Su spotted her grandmother socializing with Jin, more on the lines of flirting with him. “Grans, what are you doing here?” Ji Su asked when she stepped in front of her grandmother.
“It’s lunch time and since I haven’t seen you or Mi Sun, I thought I could stop by and have lunch with my girls.” Ji Su’s heart ached and warmed with what her grandmother said. Ji Su watched as her grandmother looked up at Jin.
“Young man, are you sure you don’t want to join?” Ji Su’s eyes closed knowing all to well what her Grans was doing.
“I’m sure Mrs. Kim. I already have plans with my friends who work across the street.” Jin turned down the offer once more before saying farewell to the elderly lady and walked out.
“Such a shame. He is like a prince, so handsome and kind.” Ji Su’s grandmother murmured.
“Grans whatever you are thinking don’t. You’ll get in trouble for meddling and cause more trouble then needed.” Ji Su hooked her arm with her grandmothers and walked to Mi Sun’s office.
“I just want you two to be happy. You know I won’t be here forever to take care the both of you. I know that you will be well taken care of, but what of Mi Sun? I sure as hell won’t have her mother determine that child’s future.” Grans grumbled entering Mi Sun’s office. Mi Sun looked away from an email when Ji Su and Grans entered. Something about Ji Su’s grandmother had the power to brighten anyone’s day. Pushing away from her desk, Mi Sun walked over and hugged Grans.
“What are you doing her Grans?” Mi Sun asked leading the elderly woman to a chair and taking the bags she was caring.
“I brought lunch and I wanted to see me girls.” Grans said helping Mi Sun and Ji Su unload the bags filled with traditional Korean food. The aroma of the food filled the room and the girls dug in. Grans sat back watching her granddaughter and Mi Sun devour the food before them.
Occasionally, the girls would stop eating to share with Grans that the shop would be up and ready in time. New designs that Ji Su was working on were going to be another hit. Grans felt warm inside knowing that her girls were starting to live their dream. The thoughts of telling the girls that it was time for them to move into their own place broke her heart.
“I think its time for you two to move out.” Grans stated as the girls stopped mid bite. “But grans who will take care of you?” Ji Su asked putting the bite she was about to take back in the container before her.
“My dear I have been taking care of myself since your grandfather died, may his soul rest in peace, but you are grown, and you have a boyfriend.” Grans looked at Ji Su as she explained that she would be fine.
“Grans is right Ji Su, we are college graduates, business owners, and it is time for us to find our own place. A place for us to call home.” Mi Sun said while eating.
Ji Su just stayed quiet and didn’t share or speak of the topic. It was easy for Mi Sun to think of this as a good thing. She practically lived on her own for years before meeting Ji Su. For Ji Su, she just worried about her grandmother since she was the only one that she was close with.
Putting her chopsticks down, Ji Su told Mi Sun and Grans that she had more work to do. Mi Sun continued to eat while Grans cleaned up after Ji Su. The two women stay in silence and there was something else that Grans wanted to say.
“Grans what else is there that you didn’t want to say?” Mi Sun took her last bite before helping Grans clean up.
“Your mother called. She was in a lovely mood when she told me that you left that wonderful date she set up for you.” Mi Sun’s hand froze, and her gaze locked with grans. “Don’t worry I told her that you are your own person. I laughed when she told me that I had no business in her family affairs. I told her it became my business when you started living with me.”
“Grans -”
“No child, your mother had no right to treat you the way she did.” Grans interrupted Mi Sun. “You need to stand up to her and not obey her. I know every child must listen to his or her mother but with you, you don’t have to. Not with this life.” Grans stood up and took the bags that was now filled with the remnants of lunch. Mi Sun walked her out, Grans steeling a glance at Ji Su’s now closed office door.
“My grandbaby didn’t have a parent to bond with and when she had the chance things went south. She’ll have a harder time wanting to leave me.” Grans sighed and walked out while telling Mi Sun that the bags were light no need to help. Giving up Mi Sun walked and waited with her until the bus arrived, and then walked back to the shop.
That night, Mi Sun shut down her computer, grabbed her bag and jacket before turning off her desk light. The grad opening was all set for tomorrow and there wasn’t much to do besides setting tables for food and drink. Closing her door, Mi Sun looked to see that Ji Su had hers opened.
She walked over and knocked on the door before she entered. She wanted to talk to Ji Su about what Grans said, but to her surprise, Ji Su was asleep on her desk. Letting out a chuckle, Mi Sun walked over to her friend to shake her awake.
With a grumble and a slur of words, Ji Su stood up and told Mi Sun she would met her in the car. Leaving Mi Sun to clean up and shut down everything. Sometimes, Mi Sun felt like Ji Su was a child and she was the mother cleaning up or taking care of her. Double checking, she had everything of Ji Su’s, Mi Sun walked to the back door where her car was located, passing Jin’s office. To her astonishment, he was still there. She thought he had left already.
As if he knew she was there, Jin looked up from what he was working to see her. He took in on what she was wearing and how beautiful she looked. All the weeks leading to the grand opening, Jin hadn’t seen much of her, but when he did he couldn’t help, but stare like a lovesick boy.
“I thought you left already.” Mi Sun stated feeling an unforce pull her into his office.
“I got caught up with some forms and was making sure that the carters would be here tomorrow.” Jin said giving her a smile. Mi Sun felt heat spread throughout her face, down to her neck.
“Well I’ll be leaving. Just make sure you lock everything up.” Mi Sun stutter, struggling with what words to say. Alarms in her mind were blaring to tell to walk away, but her feet stayed in place as Jin stood up and was now in front of her.
“You look beautiful by the way.” He stated looking down at her while she was looking up him.
“That was random.” Her voice horsed.
“Well you are and in fact I want to tell you that every day. However, I can’t without anyone questioning about my actions.” Jin confessed, taking a step closer to her. “Thank you.” Mi Sun shallowed noticing their distance, a breaths distance away. “I should go.” She whispered willing her feet to move back in a healthy distance away, failing in the process as her body rebelled against the order.
“I want to kiss you.” He confessed.
“I’m your boss.”
“Only when were on the clock.”Mi Sun licked her lips and Jin took that as a yes and leaned down taking her face in his right hand. Mi Sun didn’t push him away when their lips met.

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A New Suga Fanfic coming soon..
would anyone be Interested in a reader/yoongi fanfic? It is going to based of an old country song that I adore... Strawberry Wine by Deanna Carter... The story is an AU fic but a coming of age story. You spend the summers at your grandparents farm with your best friend Taehyung. You aren't a stranger to the college boys that your grandpa hires in the summer to help out with the harvesting and the running of his farm. You grandpa has animals, and produce on his farm but you and Taehyung usually spend it in the Strawberry fields. Your grandpa also makes wine from the strawberries. What you didn't expect was two college boys helping with the strawberries and the wine making. The college kids your grandfather usually hires help with the animals and other functions on the farm. You spend your summer falling in love and not hoping for heartache come September? You naively fall hard but as you get older it becomes a fleeting thought across your mind... If interested in the story comment below. I'm looking forward to writing a story of summer love and first love... but also a story about growing up Suga's Genius' @VeronicaArtino @SugaKookieV @SweetDuella @jeonraeyoo Suga's starchildren @MelissaGarza @Starbell808 if you would like to be added to the official Suga cmty taglist comment below. Taglist is only for the Suga council and will be used on the content we create for the community... My vingle fam @WinKonVIP @luna1171 @LiyahBoon @BTSMicDrop @twistedPDnim @YulaGyeom @MelissaGarza @jjrockstar @yehetmyohorat97 @CrookedShadow @ESwee @Lexxcisco @awkwardjazzy @sukkyongwanser @QueenLeLe @QueenPandaBunny @SweetDuella @BabydollBre @SugaKookieV @InfiniteKiss @QueenyCrossGene @Halsyeon RMs Fearless Leaders @VeronicaArtino @BTSMicDrop @WinKonVIP @MelissaGarza @Just2BLoved @SugaKookieV @DefSoul1994 Taehyung's Purplers @VeronicaArtino @SugaKookieV @SweetDuella @jiminsnooder Suga's Genius @VeronicaArtino @SugaKookieV JIMIN Squad @BTSMicDrop @Queenpandabunny @Just2BLoved @jiminsnooder @SugaKookieV @VeronicaArtino Golden Maknae Crew @SugaKookieV @LiyahBoon @MelissaGarza @Yugykookie97 @DefSoul1994 @VeronicaArtino Sunshine Hope @SugaKookieV @SweetDuella @VeronicaArtino Winner Council @WinKonVIP @MelissaGarza @Just2BLoved @VeronicaArtino Fantastic Losers @WinKonVIP @MelissaGarza @Just2BLoved @Starbell808 @VeronicaArtino BTS @DeyaniraEstrada @lilbr0wneyes @KokoroNoTakara  @cbellea @Helixx @sarahdarwish @Hurdkpop @biancadanica98 @xMangaLover @KellyOriane @wordlesseyes @jojojordy2324 @TleahEdwards @MissyKim @EmilyPeacock @Journ505 @ShadowAngel87 @Kyokeo @GenesisZiporrah @FelicianaRomero @ScarletMermaid @SeoInHan @IMNII @jcl4rks0n @heidichiesa @humairaa @torchix @sarahpjane @SugaKookieV @Bangtanss @ReynadeKpop @PrincessUnicorn @SimplyAwkward  @OneOfAKind @MadAndrea @musicmofo @nicolejb @jcl4rks0n @ashleyemmert @Katherina2078 @unnieArmkeY @AlloBaber  @EvilGenius @Dabaesaplayer @CloverShadows @Mandubum @PassTheSuga @SugalessJams @danidee @ButterflyBlu @B1A4BTS5ever  @btsgotshinee @EasternShell @ShadowAngel87 @EmilyPeacock @Journ505 @MissyKim @TleahEdwards @jojojordy2324 @KellyOriane @xMangaLover @Hurdkpop @peahyr @biancadanica98 @sarahdarwish @cbellea @johnevans @terenailyn @gabbycalzada @taetaebaozi @lilbr0wneyes @xxMollxx @Xionheart @Defy24601 @TanyaGautam @ZionPerezFlower @NickySerban @KwonOfAKind @krin @Emealia @FelicianaRomero @DestinaByrd @ScarletMermaid @ashleyemmert  @Katherina2078 @TaehyungV @Starbell808 @SweetDuella @MelissaGarza @Lexxcisco @resavalencia@sukkyongwanser @KarenGuerra93
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이 작은 개발사는 어떻게 방탄소년단 게임을 만들게 되었나?
BTS와 함께하게 된 과정, 그램퍼스 김지인 대표 인터뷰 2014년 1월 설립한 그램퍼스는 올해로 7년 차를 맞이한 게임사다. <쿠킹 어드벤처>, <마이리틀셰프> 등 요리 시뮬레이션 게임을 꾸준히 개발하고 있다. 회사는 설립 초기부터 '글로벌', 그리고 '여성 유저를 위한 게임'에 주목했고 두 게임도 그러한 목적 속에 등장했다. 게임은 국내외 합쳐 2,200만 다운로드, 300억 원 이상의 매출을 거뒀다. 나름 분야에서 의미 있는 성과를 거두고 있다. 하지만 회사가 제2의 도약을 하기 위해서는 강한 '추진력'이 필요했다. 김지인 대표는 이에 대해 수년간 고민했다. 그러던 도중, 2년 전 2019년에 일생일대의 만남이 그램퍼스를 새로운 길로 이끌었다. 그램퍼스와 하이브는 양사의 키워드와 니즈가 잘 맞아떨어짐을 확인하고, 글로벌 아티스트이자 IP인 '방탄소년단(BTS)'를 기반으로 하는 신작 게임을 만들기로 합의했다. 게임은 올해 출시를 예정하고 있으며 컴투스가 퍼블리셔를 맡고 있다. BTS IP에 대한 고민, 그리고 '아미(ARMY)' 팬을 위한 게임을 만들기 위해 그램퍼스는 그들의 성향과 니즈 포인트도 철저히 분석했다. 단순히 게임성을 강조하기보다, 팬들과 BTS가 앱 속에서 교감을 할 수 있는 것에 주목했다는 것이 김지인 대표의 설명. 얼마 전, 김 대표는 자신의 페이스북에 양사가 함께 하게 된 위 과정에 대해 짧게 회고하는 글을 올렸다. 그램퍼스는 어떻게 BTS라는 거대한 글로벌 IP를 안게 됐을까. 김지인 대표를 만났다. / 디스이즈게임 정혁진 기자 그램퍼스 김지인 대표 # 일생일대의 만남, 그램퍼스가 BTS와 함께하게 된 과정 디스이즈게임: 만나서 반갑다. 먼저, 그램퍼스에 대한 소개 짧게 부탁한다. 김지인 대표: 그램퍼스 김지인이다. 반갑다. 회사는 2014년 1월에 설립해 7년째 되어간다. 글로벌 시장, 그중에서도 여성 유저를 위한 게임 <쿠킹어드벤처>를 서비스하고 있다. 얼마 전 페이스북에, 1년 전 2월 하이브와 BTS IP 게임 개발 라이선스 계약의 비하인드를 밝힌 것을 봤다. 근 7개월간 여정에 대한 소회였는데 자리를 빌어 어떻게 진행하게 됐는지 얘기해줄 수 있나. 그야말로, 정말 '다이내믹'했다. 그램퍼스는 설립후 약 2년 간 북미 시장에서 빙고, 포커 등 캐주얼 게임을 시도했으며, 이후 한국에서 과거 피처폰 때 요리게임 <초밥의 달인>을 만든 6명의 팀과 함께 하게 됐다. 당시에는 소셜 카지노 게임을 만들려고 했으나, 사정상 할 수 없는 상황에 놓였다. 이후 라이브 했던 기존 게임을 4년 정도 서비스했고 회사는 7년 차를 맞이했다. 그러다 보니 내부 구성원들도 지치는 것 같았다. 극초기 멤버가 게임을 리딩하고, 과정에서 여러 구성원이 입사했으나 이탈도 잦았다. 경영하는 입장에서는 현재 팀과 별도로 새로운 프로젝트가 필요하다고 생각했다. 완전 신작을 할지, 아니면 IP 기반 신작을 할지. 그러던 도중, 홍콩의 퍼블리셔 치타모바일(Cheetah Mobile)과 함께 <쿠킹어드벤처> 키노트를 발표할 기회가 있어 홍콩을 가게 됐는데, 거기서 운명의 그분(?)을 만났다. <쿠킹어드벤처> 키노트를 위한 출장은 그램퍼스에게 새로운 기회를 주는 계기가 됐다. 그게, 하이브 관계자였나. 그렇다. 그분은 홍콩에서 열리고 있는 캐릭터 페어 행사에 가는 길이었다. 얘기를 나누면서, 하이브가 가진 IP, 셀럽이 BTS니까 우리가 라이브 중인 게임과 BTS IP가 함께 해도 괜찮겠다는 생각이 들었다. <쿠킹어드벤쳐> 글로벌 빌드가 데일리 액티브 유저가 20만 명이고, 여성의 비중이 높다. 그래서 그분께 간단히 생각을 공유드리고, 나중에 한국에서 한 번 뵈러 가겠다고 말씀드렸다. 귀국 후, 회사에 이러한 생각을 놓고 논의했다. 모두 환호했고, 아이디어가 쏟아졌다. 여러 차례 회의를 거쳐 의견을 모아 제안서를 준비했다. 2019년 7월 말 쯤 그렇게 하이브와 첫 미팅을 가졌다. 당시 미팅이 제법 빠르게 잡혔던 걸로 기억한다. 그쪽도 콜라보에 대한 기대치도 높았고, 또 <쿠킹어드벤처>가 높은 여성 유저 비율로 글로벌 서비스되고 있다는 점을 긍정적으로 봤다. 그런데... 그램퍼스의 노하우, 하이브의 방탄소년단 IP가 만난다면? (이미지 출처: 방탄소년단 페이스북) 그런데? 북미 시장을 좀 아쉬워하더라. <쿠킹어드벤처>가 북미도 있긴 하지만, 중국을 비롯해 일본, 동남아시아 유저가 특히 많았다. 하지만 향후 서비스 강화 등을 얘기하며 일단 경영진까지는 동의를 구하는 것에 성공했다. 당시 우리는 논의를 하며 하나의 레퍼런스를 잘 만든 다음 IP 기반 새로운 게임을 만드는 것이 좋겠다고 생각하기도 했으나, 양사 논의 끝에 신작 게임을 만들어 보는 것으로 협의 했다. 원점으로 돌아와 신작 게임에 대한 제안서를 다시 썼다. 그램퍼스는 타임 매니지먼트 기반 요리 시뮬레이션 장르에 자신 있었다. 오래 만들고, 서비스했다. 이를 기반으로, 요즘 캐주얼 게임이 고도화된 하이브리드 형태로 많이 선보이는 점을 고려해 이러한 형태의 게임을 선보이는 것이 좋겠다고 하이브와 얘기를 나눴다. 많이 고민했다. 현재 요리을 기반으로 하는 시뮬레이션 게임은 기본적으로 생산되는 재료를 조합해 음식을 서빙하는 형태를 가지고 있다. 그래서 우리는 이러한 형태를 탭 방식으로 바꾸고 거기에 BTS IP를 넣어 어떻게 연동시킬까 고민했다. 그리고 우리는 BTS의 성장 과정에서 답을 어느 정도 얻었다. 그 답이라는 것이, 신작의 전체적인 방향과 연결되어 있나? 그렇다. 지금은 코로나가 전 세계 확산되어 있어 월드 투어를 할 수 없지만, 그 전에는 여러 나라에 가며 공연을 했다. BTS는 자신들의 성장 과정을 음원으로 선보이며 그들과 교감하고 있지만 그와 함께 음식을 요리하고, 먹는 것도 좋아한다. '달려라 방탄' 방송에서도 이런 모습을 보여주기도 했다. 방탄소년단은 음악 외 '음식', '요리'라는 요소로 팬들에게 꾸준히 일상을 보여주기도 했다(이미지 출처: '달려라 방탄' 방송 중). 그래서 그램퍼스는 그 요소를 요리 시뮬레이션으로 녹여, 글로벌 여러 곳의 도시를 돌며 BTS가 그들이 입고, 누리고 먹은 문화 요소를 게임으로 만들어보기로 했다. 고심 끝에 제안서를 작성해 전달했다. 꽤 여러 차례 수정된 버전이 오간 것 같다. 그 결과, 글로벌 도시를 도는 컨셉으로 하면서 요리 요소를 가진 시뮬레이션 게임으로 가기로 했다. 7명의 멤버를 실사로 쓰는 것도 좋지만, 게임인 만큼 캐릭터화한 이른바 '타이니 탄'으로 BTS를 구현해보기로 했다. 다양한 타이니탄 캐릭터를 모으며 여러 국가 도시를 돌며 알게 되는 음식과 연결시키는 것이 신작 게임의 큰 축이다. 그걸 팬들과 함께 즐길 수 있는 새로운 쿠킹 게임이라고 할 수 있다. '나만의 갖고 싶은 앱'으로 만드는 것이 목적이다. 그램퍼스의 어떤 부분이 하이브와 함께 하게 됐다고 보나? 게임 장르가 컸다고 본다. 그램퍼스는 그간 글로벌, 그리고 여성 유저를 타깃으로 게임을 개발, 서비스했으며 그 속에서 유의미한 성과를 거두며 생존했다. 하이브도 BTS IP로 게임을 만든다고 했을 때, MMORPG를 만드는 것은 무리라고 생각했을 것이다. 퍼즐 게임사도 하이브에 많은 제안을 했다고 들었는데 궁극적으로는 이러한 게임도 만들기 쉽지 않았다고 하더라. 그램퍼스는 국내외 합쳐 2,200만 다운로드, 300억 원 이상의 매출을 거뒀다. 하이브는 매출도 매출이지만 다운로드 수치에 주목했다. 거기에 여성 유저 비중이 매우 높은 것도 작용했고. BTS IP와 교집합이 많아, 시너지가 배가될 것이라고 본 것 같다. 사실, 요리 시뮬레이션 장르로 유의미한 지표를 가지며 회사를 3년 정도 유지하다 보니 '이 게임으로 계속 가보자'는 고집이 있었다. 지금도 좋지만, 좀 더 제대로 성과를 내기 전까지는 노력을 좀 더 해보자고 구성원들에게 설득했다. 힘들었지만 구성원 모두의 노력 끝에 하이브와 함께 하게 되어 기쁘다. 물론 아직 시작을 안 했기에 결론은 해봐야 안다.  하이브에서도 BTS를 통해 많은 영상을 제작했는데 먹거리 요소를 활용해보려는 니즈가 있어 보였다. 신기하게도, 위버스 플랫폼에서도 많은 유저가 'BTS가 나오는 캐주얼 게임을 만들었으면 좋겠다', '가볍게 즐기면서, 먹는 것을 만드는 게임은 어떨까'는 의견도 봤다. 초기 시그널은 좋게 보고 있다. # 아미에 의한, 아미를 위한 게임 <프로젝트 B> 게임을 만들면서, 구성원과 함께 신경 쓴 점은 무엇인가.  '게임으로만 승부하지 말자'는 것이다. 게임성만 지나치게 추구하면 게이머 대상으로만 하는 게임이 나올 수밖에 없기 때문이다. '아미(ARMY)' 팬을 위한 게임을 만들려면 그들을 더 잘 알아야 한다고 생각했고 그래서 더 많은 분을 모셨다. 초기에는 아미 팬이 회사에 몇 명 없었지만, 지금은 많이 계신다. 게임을 개발하며 아미의 성향, 니즈 포인트를 알기 위해 노력했다. 과정에서 많이 공부했다. 하이브에서도 여러 트렌드를 공유해주기도 했다. 과정에서 몇 가지 포인트가 있는데, 1) 굉장히 명확해야 한다는 것, 2) 지나치게 뎁스를 추구하면 반감을 가질 수 있다는 것이다. 직관적이면서, 심플한 요소를 좋아한다는 내용을 알게 됐다. 또, 3) 타이니탄 세계관 내 구현이 필요하다는 것이다. 신작의 설정이 궁금하다. 조금 전에 얘기한 타이니탄이라는 요소도 그렇고. 우리가 만나는 BTS 아티스트들은 현실 세계에 존재하는 7명의 멤버다. 앞서 소개한 '타이니탄'들은 BTS 아티스트의 제2의 자아가 발현된 요정이라는 설정이다. 이들은 매직 도어를 통해 다른 세계를 이동하거나 현실 세계로 올 수도 있다. BTS와 타이니 탄은 만날 수도, 만나지 않을 수도 있다. 타이니탄은 BTS와, 전 세계 모든 이를 이어주는 매개체 역할을 한다고 보면 된다. 우리가 여러 가지로 인해 힘들어 할 때, 타이니탄이 BTS의 음악, 춤 등 그들의 여러 방법으로 치유를 해준다. 타이니탄의 모습으로 등장한 방탄소년단(이미지 제공: 그램퍼스). 게임 무대는 푸드 레스토랑을 기본으로 하지만 타이니탄은 레스토랑에 가끔 나타나 어려움을 겪을 때 문제를 해결해 주는 방식으로 등장한다. 하이브와 꾸준히 얘기하며 이와 같은 설정이 다듬어졌다. BTS의 제2의 자아가 발현된 캐릭터이기에 타이니 탄도 7명이지만, 여기에 다양한 타이니탄의 모습이 부여됐다. 각 도시에서 쓸 수 있는 요소로 등장해 곳곳을 이동하며 수집할 수도 있다. 모두가 팀인 만큼 7명이 모였을 때 발동되는 효과도 크게 설정했다. 게임에는 BTS가 활동하면서 팬들과 교감한 여러 요소가 등장할 예정이다(이미지 출처: 방탄소년단 공식 페이스북). 설정과 함께, 공개 가능한 범위 내에서 게임의 형태를 좀 더 설명해주면 좋겠다. 그러고 보니, 게임명도 아직 공개하지 않았다. 그램퍼스가 잘 할 수 있는 요리 시뮬레이션이 메인이다. 모바일로, 세로형 구조다. BTS 타이니탄 친구와 함께 여러 곳을 다니며 노는 가벼운 콘텐츠가 담겨 있다. 다양한 즐길 거리가 있다. 보통 요리 시뮬레이션 게임은 가로형이 많은데, 그램퍼스의 노하우, 방식을 살려 나름의 답을 찾았다. BTS 제2의 자아가 발현된 요정인 타이니탄 캐릭터가 등장한다. 처음에는 3D로 제작했다. 그런데 제작 후 어셋을 보니 캐주얼한 느낌이 좀 덜하더라. 그래서 그것을 2D로 재해석해 하이브와 논의 후 지금의 디자인으로 확정했다. 약간 2.5D 느낌도 있다. 게임 콘텐츠에 대한 좀 더 세부적인 내용은 추후 자리가 되면 다시 공개하겠다. 게임명은 가제로, <프로젝트 B>다. 아직 확정 짓지 못했다. 아마, 요리게임임을 직관적으로 인지할 수 있는 것이 될 것 같다. 물론, 퍼블리셔인 컴투스나 하이브와 의견도 모아야 한다. 당연히 BTS는 들어갈 거고. 다양한 워딩이 있을 텐데... 아미와 디지털 콘텐츠의 연결성을 강조한 단어도 고민하고 있다. 좋은 이름 있을까? <프로젝트 B>의 개발 단계는. 프로토타입은 넘어갔다. 매달 플레이 빌드가 나오고 있는데, 지금까지 네 차례 나왔다. 한 달에서 한 달 반 정도 간격을 두고 업데이트하고 있다. 절대적인 퍼센트로 정하기가 애매하다. 가장 중요하게 생각하는 것은 유저가 첫 동선을 낯설게 느끼지 않도록 하는 것이다. 조금씩 디테일하게 작업하며 이를 고도화시킬 것이다.  게임을 만들며 앞서 '아미'인 인력을 영입하는 것과 함께, 그램퍼스 내부의 변화도 많았겠다. 그렇다. 하지만 무작정 늘려서도 안된다. 신작은 약 20명 정도 구성되어 있다. 계속 찾고 있다. 사업 조직까지 합해 30명까지 보고 있다. 게임의 뼈대를 구성하는 멤버는 세팅돼 계속 개발하고 있다. 개발 역량도 중요하지만, 캐주얼 게임에 대한 개발 목표가 있으면 동시에 BTS IP를 제대로 사랑하는 사람을 찾는 것이 쉽지 않다. 꾸준히 찾고 있다. 서비스 지역이나 플랫폼 범위는 어떻게 되나. 계약 범위에 대해 다시 한번 설명 부탁한다. BTS를 좋아하는 분이 있다면 어디든 서비스하기 위해 글로벌 퍼블리싱 권한으로 계약했다. 중국이나 베트남 등 국가별 성향을 맞춰야 하기에 이에 맞는 전략도 세워야 한다. 글로벌 원빌드를 최대한 지향하되 지역별 이벤트는 분리해서 가는 방향이지 싶다. 신작은 모바일로만 출시한다. 만약 팬들이 PC 버전에 대한 니즈가 크다면 확장할 가능성도 있다. 작년 11월 컴투스와 IP 퍼블리싱 계약도 맺었다. 글로벌 퍼블리싱에 대한 욕심은 있다. 사업 모델도 많이 고민했는데, <프로젝트 B>를 글로벌에 잘 서비스 하려면 모든 조직이 지금보다 매우 커야 한다. 전 세계 아미 팬도 생각해야 한다. 그래서 글로벌 퍼블리싱을 할 수 있는 곳을 찾게 됐고 컴투스와 함께하게 됐다. 특히 컴투스 북미지사에서도 많은 니즈가 있었다고 들었다. 타깃은, 메인을 '아미'로 두는 것이 맞나? 물론이다. 아미가 메인 타깃이다. 하지만 아미 외에도 BTS에 호감을 가지고 있거나, 혹은 게임 유저도 충분히 접근할 수 있도록 개발 중이다. 우리는 이들이 게임에서 방향성을 인지하고 다양한 곳에서 재미를 느끼도록 노력하고 있다. 아미와 BTS가 지금까지 호흡하고 있는 것처럼 앱에서도 여러 형태로 적재적소에 녹여 하나씩 관계를 형성하는 모습도 연구하고 있다. 시중에 이미 BTS IP 기반 여러 게임이 출시됐다. 장르도 각각 다르다. 하지만, 냉정하게 보면 IP에 준하는 반응을 얻었다고 보기엔 어렵다. 타 게임의 평가는 조심스럽지만, 개인적으로는 BTS IP에 대한 기대치가 높아서 그렇지 않나 생각한다. 게임 성격이 강하다 보니 아미들에게 접근하는 것이 한계가 분명 있었다고 본다. # 글로벌, 그리고 여성 유저를 위한 게임... '그램퍼스의 키워드' 그램퍼스의 올해 화두는 무엇인가? <프로젝트 B>의 성공적인 론칭도 있을거고. 요리 시뮬레이션 게임으로 개발력을 고도화한다는 기조에는 큰 변화가 없다. <프로젝트 B>도 잘 개발해야 하고. 이를 바탕으로 새로운 IP를 가진 가로형 요리게임도 시도해볼 생각이다. 또 다른 신작도 글로벌 셀러브리티의 IP를 활용해 개발하는 것이 기본 컨셉이다. 작은 개발사가 높아진 마케팅 비용과 환경 속에서 생존하는 방법이 쉽지 않다. 그걸 타계하기 위해 IP 도입을 고민했다. 하이브가 최근 이타카 홀딩스를 인수했다. 아리아나 그란데, 저스틴 비버 등 글로벌 아티스트도 있다. 이쪽과 연결점을 가져가 보는 것도 좋겠다. 좋은 생각이다. 과거 글루(Glu)에서도 글로벌 셀러브리티를 활용한 전략을 펼치기도 했다. 우리도 하이브와 관계를 계속 발전시키고 싶다는 생각은 크지만, 지금은 <프로젝트 B>에 주력하는 것이 먼저라고 생각한다. 이를 성공적으로 론칭해 좋은 레퍼런스 사례로 남아야 다음을 기약할 수 있다. BTS IP 계약 이후 시점이다. <마이리틀셰프>가 최근 역주행한 브레이브 걸스와도 접점이 생겼더라. <마이리틀셰프>가 한국에서 서비스 4주년을 맞이했다. 고마운 유저들 덕분에 지금까지 유지되고 있다. 국내만 보면 DAU 4만가량 된다. 2~3년 전부터 꾸준히 유지되고 있다. 한 달 반마다 업데이트를 해오고 있다. 우리도 브레이브 걸스 유정 님이 <마이리틀셰프>를 했다는 소식을 듣고 너무 놀라고 감사했다. 연습생 때부터 하셨더라. 본인이 방송에서 언급했는데, 팬들이 이를 알아서 회자된 것 같다. 덕분에 다운로드 숫자도 폭발적으로 증가했다. 차트 밖에 있다가 단시간만에 인기게임 3위까지 오르기도 했다. 그런데 대부분 유입된 유저가 남성이 많다(웃음). 특정 성별만 위한 것은 아니나 <마이리틀셰프>가 이용자 비율을 보면 80% 이상이 여성 유저다. 그래도 조금씩 유입되고 또 즐겨주셔서 감사하다는 말씀 전하고 싶다. 감사의 뜻으로 그램퍼스도 유정 님의 생일인 5월 2일에 맞춰 선물도 준비했다. 팬들과 콜라보도 진행하며 꾸준히 관계를 이어가겠다. 지금까지 노력해준 브레이브 걸스에게도 감사를 전하고 싶다. 여러 방향으로 함께 할 수 있는 방법이 있었으면 좋겠다. 끝으로, 유저들에게 한 마디. 요리 시뮬레이션으로 적지 않은 시간을 보냈다. 즐겨준 모든 유저에게 감사드린다. '기적'이라고 표현하고 싶을 정도로 유저 덕분에 지금까지 살아남을 수 있었다. 그들을 위해 좋은 게임으로 함께 호흡하겠다. 개발 중인 <프로젝트 B>는 아미를 위한 게임이면서, 동시에 요리 시뮬레이션 유저에게도 충분히 다가갈 수 있는 게임이 될 것이다. 글로벌, 그리고 여성 게이머라는 우리의 메인 키워드는 변함없다. 이들을 위한 플랫폼 네트워킹도 강화할 것이다. 여성 게이머를 위한 재미있는 게임을 위한 그램퍼스가 되겠다.
BTS: Yong Clan (+19) Part 1
Que tal peeps! I know I began posting this story some time agao, but I could not find it. It is probably buried in my fanfiction collection. Anyhow I will be posting the whole story, since some of you all liked part 1. Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Jasmine was in the kitchen preparing a meal for her and her boys. She was preparing rice and beef, radish soup, Kimchi, roasted fish, roasted seaweeds, and fish cakes. She was not dressed for dinner she had on her house clothes. She was busy getting their new huge apartment comfortable, so she just threw on some booty shoots and a white fitted tee. She was expecting the boys until later, even though the table was set and the food was almost ready. She was blasting her Kpop music and enjoying the time to herself. When the guys came through she would be busy breaking up minor fighting, flirting with her man, and protecting her little brother from the others teasing him. She loved the dragon clan though and would not want any other type of family. They were dysfunctional but also had so much love for each other. Besides she got hella perks with being part of this powerful clan. For so long she was considered an outside even in her own blood clan due to being a half breed. Her mother was from the tiger clan and her father was from the wolf clan however they randomly left her right before her adolescent years. She had older sister but they were grown when she was a teen and they had their own lives with their husbands. This often left Jasmine alone and since no one was there to really stick up for her she was often bullied. Long story short her god parents sent her to Korean and that is how she meet Kim Namjoon, Min Yoongi, Park Jimin, Kim Seokjin, Jung Hoseok, Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jungkook. She met these guys in school and they never parted. She was currently in a long term relationship with the leader Namjoon but she had her moments with Yoongi and Jimin. These moments which were very complicated. Even though Jasmine felt alone and she did come from money and a high social position. That is why she was confused why her people were so disrespectful to her after her parents vanished. It was a coincidence that the guys also were from a family of wealth and high social position. The guys were next in line to be the power force of the Yong clan. Namjoon was in line to be the leader for the new generation. Jasmine was just finishing off the roasted fish and jamming to her music that she did not hear the guys come in. They were pleased with the sweet smells and the appearance of the house. They could always count on Jasmine to help keep them in order. Suddenly, Jasmine was startled by a hand caressing her back side. She turned around with a knife in her hand. “Whoa baby, I can tell you are from the tiger clan with those cat reflexes.” Namjoon said while grinning. He plants a kiss on her lips while grabbing the other cheek. Jasmine playfully pushed him away. She blushes when she sees Jimin and Yoongi watching her from the dinner table. Jungkook was sitting on the red couch with Tae flicking through the TV channels. Namjoon reached in the refrigerator for some water and passed Jin bottled water. “I thought you all were going be here in about 30 minutes?” Jasmine said while placing food on the table. “Yeah, well we handled our business early baby.” Namjoon said while leaning in the counter. “It smells good in here Jasie!” Hobi says while smelling the beef and rice while smacking his lips. Jasmine smiles . She catches Jin in the soup. “Thank you Hobi! Now Jin leave the soup alone.” She smacked his hand. “You can place that on the table.” Yoongi and Jimin sat at the table quietly as they admired Jasmine’s feminine curvy shape and smooth milk chocolate skin. Jimin loved her huge dragon tattoo on her right side of her body and Yoongi loved the huge tiger tattoo on her left side. Each tattoo started from under her side boob went down her waist and hips and ended on her upper thigh. She was perfectly shaped with a nice rack and a nice butt. They were not used to Black Latinas in Korean nor girls shaped like her since most Korean girls were shaped differently. Both the guys began licking their lips. Namjoon starred at them and coughed. “I can see that shit.” He mumbled. “Oh yes Jasie. We can set the table while you get ready for dinner.” Jimin said with a smile. “Oh thank you so much Jimin. You are so thoughtful.” Jasmine said while placing her hand on his shoulder. “Noona can I sit next to you this time?” Jungkook yelled from the TV room. “Yes, you can Kookie Monster.” Jasmine said while walking to her room. Jasmine went to her room to get dressed as all the guys began making sure all the food and drinks were on the table. Jin scolded Jungkook and Tae for playing around in the kitchen. These two were the youngest and always playing around. When everything was set the guys went to the TV room to wait on Jasmine. “I am starving! I hope Jasmine does not take forever like last time.” Tae says. “Noona can take as long as she wants. She cooked and fixed our new place up all by herself.” Jungkook said while slapping Tae in the head. “Yeah watch your mouth Dongsang!” Yoongi said while shaking his head at Tae. “Speaking of manners I saw you and Jimin looking at my woman like that again. She is mine, you both stop eye fucking her.” Namjoon said. “Namjoon chill out eyes are for looking.” Jimin said while laughing. “Well how can we not when she is dress like that Namjoon?” Yoongi chimes in. “If she had on a big black garbage bag you both would still drool all over her with yall boners showing like hound dogs.” Jin said while laughing. “I better not see it anymore guys.” Hobi said “Noona is pretty hyung. All the guys in the clan envy you.” Jungkook says. “Are you looking at Noona too Jungkook?” Tae laughed. “You would not even know what to do with a woman!” “Ha you would be surprised.” Jungkook said with a dark smile. “Don’t under estimate the Jungkook yong!” “You mean Kookie Monster!” Namjoon blurted out. All the guys laughed and begin thowing pillows at Jungkook. Jasmine stood at the entrance on the TV room. She slipped into a fitted black jersey dress that fit her every curve and pulled her hair in a high pony tail allowing her natural loose curls to be free. She placed her hand on her hips. “You all leave my Kookie Monster alone and clean this fucking mess!” She said in a loud high pitch voice. “Kookie you can come to the table with me.” Jasmine said reaching her hand out to him. Jungkook quickly followed her. After dinner everyone began to wind down. Jin was in his room on the phone with his mother. He was boasting about how well he taught Jasmine how to cook. Yoongi was in his room listening to music. Jimin, Jungkook, Hobi, and Tae were playing video games. Namjoon was sitting on the balcony admiring the ebony sky. Jasmine had just finished her shower and was letting her hair air dry. She walked into the kitchen to make sure the Tae and Jungkook cleaned up the kitchen properly. Everything seemed fine, so she walked around to follow Namjoon. She saw him out on the balcony. He was sitting on the outside crème couch with his ear buds in. He loved music and was in the zone. Jasmine quietly walked outside and closed the glass doors behind her. The summer night air felt so good. She slowly sat on Namjoon’s lap while facing him. He smiled at her. “What are you doing Oppa?” She says in a cute tone. “Nothing listening to some jams.” He handed her the other ear bud. “Wow, this sounds good. Is that you and Yoongi?” Jasmine asked. “Yep, Hobi is on the next verse too.” Namjoon said with a proud smile. Jasmine continued to listen as she closed her eyes. Namjoon planted a deep kiss on her lips while softly squeezing her butt. She loved it when he did that and he knew she did. He knew she would instantly moan. She moaned and he allowed that to be the opportunity to slip his tongue around her tongue. They continued to passionately make out as the music played. Namjoon loved the feeling of her lip ring pressing against his full lips and playing with her tongue ring. He moaned as he felt his jeans getting tighter. Jasmine gasped as he began to palm her full breasts and continue kissing her. She pulled away while biting on her lip. Namjoon quickly lifted her white tee off her and began sucking on her chocolate nipples causing her to throw back her head and moan. He loved it when she wore those thin tee shirts and no bra. He moved back to her lips and began sucking on her lips inbetween kissing her. Jasmine loved his full lips. He was such a good kisser. He began licking her ear and running his hands through her wild loose curls. “I have always loved your hair baby.” He said in a low groan. Jasmine was too lost to respond. Namjoon began kissing and sucking on her neck while running his right hand from in between her breasts and the outside of her snug pink shorts. He quickly found her clit through the thin fabric and began rubbing it with his thumb. Jasmine ran her hands through his blond dyed hair. She gasped for more. Namjoon slipped his hand down her shorts and slipped his two fingers into her. She was super wet and he loved it. He began slowly while kissing her lips. Jasmine moaned louder as she felt him stretching her open. The song ended and moved on to Jay Park’s “Don’t Let Go.” “Do you like it baby?” Namjoon said in a low deep tone. “Yes, Oppa” She groaned “Ah…what I like you to call me baby?” Namjoon said “Papi…yes please..” Jasmine had no idea what she was saying. Namjoon began plunging his fingers deeper and faster into her while thumbing her clit. Jasmine thought she was going to pass out. “Papi if you keep doing that…I will get the whole sofa wet.” Jasmine groaned. “I would just have to clean it up baby.” Namjoon groaned. “Tell me what my baby wants” “Quieres que me cojas.” Jasmine groaned while unzipping his pants. Namjoon knew exactly what this meant since he heard her moan this phase before. He slipped his member inside her while placing her on her back. He began pumping her slowly than hard. Jasmine was squeaking. Then he placed her on all four and began his assault. He pulled her long hair around his hand and began loving her hard. Jungkook and Tae heard some odd noise from outside since the balcony is next to the TV room. They slipped out to see Namjoon and Jasmine going to town. Jungkook stood infront of the glass doors and Tae grabbed him. “You idiot they will see you.” Tae whispered. Jungkook eyes were glued to Namjoon smacking Jasmine’s butt and ramming her from behind outside. Tae also found it entertaining. Yoongi heard the noise and seen the younger guys hiding and watching with amazement. “Take notes little might need them.” Yoongi says while laughing and walking to the kitchen. “Is it bad that I want Noona?” Jungkook blurted out. Tae laughed. “I knew it bro you like Noona!” “Shut up forget what I said Tae. Let’s just go this is wrong watching them.” Jungkook said while crawling away. Jasmine and Namjoon never noticed the guys around. Namjoon was so deep into Jasmine and they both were enjoying the moment. Jasmine climbed on top of Namjoon. They were now on the floor. She was riding him like her life depending on it. Namjoon pushed her legs opened wider as she rode him. “Yeah take that shit baby. It’s all yours baby.” He groaned while attempting to sit up. Jasmine pushed him back on his back. “Yeah it is all mine and don’t you forget that!” She groaned with a smirk on her face. “My fucking dick…My Kim Namjoon!” Namjoon loved her talking like that. Finally she could feel him coming and she began coming. He held her tight as his climax began coming. She bit on his neck as she came marking him. @BBxGD @QueenPandaBunny @WinKonVIP @awkwardjazzy @MelissaGarza @SimplyAwkward E Squad @BabydollBre @SweetDuella, @VeronicaArtino, @LunaFergus, and @SugaKookieV @QueenPandaBunny Supernova Taglist @ESwee @MissMinYoongi @JacquelineTakas @IsoldaPazo @sukkyongwanser and @stsmarlene @ArmyVIPKayla @AnnaArai @divanicola05 @selfishmachines @Indiglow @KeraDelatorre @chenisbaekasy @FaithMorrison @lovelikematoi @punkpandabear Ride or Die A: @AaliyahNewbell @AshleiRyals B: @BTSxEXO @Bangtanss C: @CandyApple22 D: @deeeDUH E: @EvilGenius @EmilyGardner F: @FalseLove @Foxxyjinxx J: @JessyRay19 @jungkooknovieka @jimin21abs @JohnEvans @JasmineGregory K: @kouvarisb @KassiIverson @kimchikpop @KwonOfAKind L: @LadyL @Leolaring M: @Mightymuffin @merryjayne13 @mbg3t @mycreativename @MelissaGarza @mrsax2018 @MorganAlys N:@nimm14 @normabm7 P: @PierceHorizon R:@requiem101 V: @Vay754 Z: @ZakariahForbes @ZoilaObregon DO NOT COPY TAGLIST @11erinmims @4dalientae A: 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Jin Tuesday's!💕💖
Hello ARMY! Today is Jin Tuesdays! For this weeks theme we are doing favorite hair color! My favorite hair color on Jin is Pink What is your favorite hair color on Jin? See you all on Jungkook Sundays!♡ *credit to the owners of the pics and gifs* BTS ARMY TEAM: @Yugykookie97 @DefSoul1994 @MelissaGarza @cns1391 @jiminsnooder BANGTAN'S ARMY TAGLIST: @AbbyRoscoe @AddictedtoKPOP @Addixtion @adritae @AgentLeo @AhensaAdel @AkiraMarie13 @AlenaSegura @AliceTetsuya @aliendestina @Alpha95 @AraceliJimenez @ashrose33 @AsystolinaTawan @awkwardjazzy @AmbieB @Airamatheah @ARMYaki16  @AngelaDarkness @animani @arihana @aRMy94 @B2STJYDHDK @babysanchez1253 @Badtz @Baekyeol297 @170cme @bantanella @BeeTeeS @BreHolmes @BTSxEXO @btstrash15 @cathysanchez157 @ChandraTorres @Changkyunie @cherriblossom17 @Choijiah @cns1391 @ColorMeKihyun  @ChristinaCovert  @DaintySoul @DefSoul1994 @destiny1419 @DejaunaeSiders @Eli20 @emilyrivera21 @EvilGenius @EvodiaEbraheem @glorias463 @Gracielou0717 @hayoungforever @Helixx @hopesforsuga711 @HopeYoongi @Hskswife @hyqtpie @Heol25 @ImHayley @imiebegay14 @InfiniteKiss @inuyashagal @iraVVIP @IrishCabacungan  @jadmarie4567 @Jaerinn @JasminMartinez @JaxonB @JenGambale @jenissa711 @JerannethaBroug @jiminakpop @JJiBin @JohnEvans @Josyy7AshleiRyals @KarenGuerra93 @karinamiranda81 @kee1999kee @KenyaMendoza @kimnam94  @Kpoplover2016 @kristendmh @Kyokeo @KeraDelatorre @KeraDelatorre @KpopMonster @LacyTanner @LemonLassie @LinnyOk @LiyahBoon @lopleaf19 @lop0929 @loverofkpop @luna1171 @luvella18 @LynetteXuan  @laurenkim3 @LostMage @maddsanzen @MakaylaAtkins @MamaNini @MayraCastro @MelissaGarza @merryjayne13 @MistressSiren @MsLoyalHeart  @MidajahRodrigue @nykechun @parktaemi @pharmgirlerin @Pickles440 @primolin123 @QueenPandaBunny @RKA916 @sarahdarwish @SarahMoniva @Seera916 @selfishmachines @ShannonSaysHey @shellyfuentes70 @shisuschrist @StefaniTre @simpsonsamantha @SindyHernandez @StephanieDuong @StephaniePoore @strawberrylover @strawberrymintl @SugaKookieV @sukkyongwanser @SunnaWalo @SweetDuella @sweetnothing34 @Swhitta @sinnernIknowit @Sugasadamsapple @SabaFishy @Tamaki1618 @TashiannaBostia @tayamay1232 @TerraToyaSi @ThanaPlague @thatphamily @thekpoprealm @TheRealAgustD @tinytreeleaf @2TracyLynnn @TwistedPDnim @taehyungie35 @Taetaeluvs @Vay754 @VickyLe @Viresse @VKookie47 @warning @WinKonVIP @xLonelyUnitatox @xDisappearx @yehetmyohorat97 @YeojinOfficial @YessicaCardenas @YiselRamos @ynsamgwlk @zilVer @ZeleniaMoon @krissynormam @jiminiebae  @Just2BLoved  @Mochiroon @blessowmwago *let me know if you want to be apart of the taglist* ~☆JJP Shake it Crew☆~ @DefSoul1994 @Yugykookie97 @Just2BeLoved K-Monsta Squad: @Yugykookie97 @BBxGD @lilbr0wneyes @DefSoul1994 @KpopGaby @MYAlpha @BangtanGirlOT12 Tag List: @cagonzales9696 @jiminsnooder @MonieManhiM @cherriblossom17 @SimplyAwkward @Btsislife @jaselgalindo @emealia @saraortiz2002 @xsandos17 @VictoriaBossier @TaehyungKey @Sarahdarwish @kpopandkimchi @Emealia @terenailyn @MonAnnahiX @4dalientae @PrettieeEmm @kyokeo @KwonOfAkind @AnimeKpopLover @SugaOnTop  @QueenyCrossGene @MadAndrea @B1A4BTS5ever @zyxzj @Taehyungie @VKookie47 @NuXX @Baekyeol27 @DOislifeExoL @kpopbeat @BTSMicDrop @BulletproofV @PrincessUnicorn @luna1171 @LisetteZapata @herreravanessa9 @MadAndrea @AnimeKpopFreak @amandamuska @RandomName @aliendestina @mrsyookihyun @MaelstromVIP @Foxxyjinxx @Bangtanss @YessicaCardenas @JadeOwens @cns1391 @JJiBin @TheEnlightment @BlueMoon201 @QueenPandaBunny @emberreynemoll @LacyTanner @nyxxonn @SweetDuella @MmIlk @KihyunA @ARMY4Life @SerenaArthurs @Additional18 @jessicaclove  @olive07354  @YungStatin  @nickij @BTSLover14 @Mochiroon *Let me know if you want to be added or untagged from the taglist*