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Know More About Your Eye Doctors

With increasing use of mobile phones, laptops, computers and television, today almost everyone suffers from some or the other kind of eye problem in very young age. From the issues of eye sights to some nerve disorder issue that may cause problem to your eyes; there could be many problems related to eyes. And there are different specialists for different kind of eye problem like an eye specialist for conjunctivitis and an optician for your all issues of eye sight.
Here, we are discussing few different categories of eye doctors that you need to know in general.
Take a look:

· Ophthalmologist

In general, ophthalmologists are medical osteopathic physicians who cover the full spectrum of eye care which may involve from prescribing eye glasses and contact lenses to treating general eye diseases and vision problems to prescribing medications to performing minor eye surgeries.

· Optometrists

They are also eye doctors who specializes in examining, diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders related to human visual system. They are the health care professionals are licensed to examine various visual defects and visual impairments. Although they can examine the internal and external eye structure but they are not capable of conducting surgeries.

· Orthoptist

Another very popular disciplinary of eye medical science is orthoptist. They are actually allied healthcare professionals who specialize in assessing, diagnosing and management of eye patients who suffer from some or other kind of eye movement disorder like lazy eye problem, eye squints, issue of double vision etc.

· Optician

Optician is actually a technical practitioner who has the knowledge of various ophthalmic appliance features which are generally used to design, fit and dispense corrective lenses so as to correct the vision of patients. Generally, they work along Ophthalmologist or Optometrists to fit and finish the eye glass lenses that can correct the patient vision problem.

So, when next time you suffer from any kind of eye problem make sure to visit the right eye specialist. For instance, visit an eye specialist for conjunctivitis or refer to a good optician if you want to work on your eye sight.

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