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Hyun Woo has become the talk of the town in relation to Yoo In Na. Not Ji Hyun Woo. The other Hyun Woo. Actor Hyun Woo was actually the one set to be Yoo In Na’s virtual husband on MBC’s We Got Married. The decision was close to becoming final, but everything came in danger of going down the drain when Ji Hyun Woo suddenly confessed to Yoo In Na in public. On June 18, the probability that Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na would be appearing together in We Got Married dropped near zero with the release of Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na’s late-night park date photos. Following the break, Hyun Woo was also dragged into the spotlight as Yoo In Na’s virtual husband. Hyun Woo and Ji Hyun Woo’s matching names even made the incident all the more interesting. Ji Hyun Woo’s real name is actually Joo Hyung Tae and Ji Hyun Woo is an alias, but because this fact isn’t that well known, the public is simply voicing surprise at the big coincidence. In the meantime, Yoo In Na is planning to break the silence with an official stance on the dating photos with Ji Hyun Woo. Many are expecting the statement to announce the coming of another public celebrity couple. src: enewsworld
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They are the cutest couple :) I love them together