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 Recap Ep 1: Recap Ep 2: Recap Ep 3: Recap Ep 4: Da Ran is in front of Se Young's apartment...trying to open the door with the key..and Yoon Jae is running towards that apartment..Da Ran almost open the door, but Yoon Jae came. She said, "Move..move..move~!!" Yoon Jae insisted and didn't let her open the door. And he lifted her up and took her away! Good Job Kyung Joon!! They were outside now, and Da Ran is really upset. She said, "Let me down! It hurts!" Yoon Jae said, "You should have known. If it hurts, why would u go there?? If you will go there, bring this rock, confidently open the door, and hit that girl with this rock!!" From faraway, Da Ran can see Se Young went outside to see what happened... Afterwards, they went back to the hospital. Yoon Jae went to Kyung Joon's room, and saw Ma Ri there. You should see how Ma Ri decorate that room. It's full of her pics with him, and a pillow with Ma Ri's face. And he saw the socks...that Da Ran gave to him...Ma Ri wanted to take off the socks, but Yoon Jae didn't let her. Meanwhile in Yoon Jae's office, Da Ran didn't see their picture anymore, and she felt weird. She was trying to find between the bookshelf. She found a big book with a cover written "Miracle" (with 2 angels grabbing each other hands), and she saw a flight ticket in the book. Still in Kyung Joon's room, Ma Ri is talking to Kyung Joon, "you shouldn't like that teacher, because that teacher already has someone she likes...i hope you will forget everything about her when you wake up.." Yoon Jae got an SMS from Da Ran, saying that she will go home first. Yoon Jae ran out to find her, and found her drinking soju alone. Da Ran was crying said, "Yoon Jae, please don't go.." and she just fell in his arm and fell asleep. THIS is super sweett!!! He watched her sleeping!! The next morning, Da Ran's mom woke her up. Meanwhile in Yoon Jae's house, he got a call from Ma Ri. She asked Yoon Jae to give her Kyung Joon's wallet. Yoon Jae refused. So Ma Ri called Chung Sik and ask him to tell her where Yoon Jae's house is. Yoon Jae got a call again from Ma Ri, screamed, "Kyung Joon is awake!!!!" Yoon Jae ran out, but Ma Ri is already there! She finally got the wallet by kicking him on his balls TT oh Ma Ri!!! You are so mean and incredibly funny!! Da Ran was sitting on a bench, and she got an SMS from the wedding photo studio, saying that the photoshoot will be tomorrow. I forgot to tell you guys, there is this fellow teacher who secretly in love with Da Ran! (not comparable to her, of course!) Se Young wanted to meet Da Ran, and they met. Se Young said, "When you bumped into Yoon Jae in the wedding, he was running. Who do you think he rushed to see when he bumped into you?? It was me! I just broke up with a guy (what a biatch) and he was rushed to come and see me! If you are afraid that you will lose him, catch him right. Be careful." After that, Se Young called Yoon Jae's mom overseas. She told his mom that Yoon Jae's got into an accident. His mom felt weird because Yoon jae sounds really fine in the phone. Finally it's their photoshoot for the wedding! Yoon Jae was annoyed. He said, "why people have to go thru this troublesome things. People can just register their marriage in the office, and done. Da Ran said, "It's important for me, so on behalf of Yoon Jae, please bear with this." Ma Ri got some of the photos from the wedding photos and realized that Yoon Jae's action is too similar with Kyung Joon! After the wedding finished, she got some of the picture from the photographer. She said, "Thank you for today. It's done. I'm not going to get married. I'm just going to leave this as a memory. Even you are Kang Kyung Joon, I still see you as Yoon Jae." Suddenly he kissed her!!!! She was surprised, and Yoon jae said, "Now you will remember me as Kang Kyung Joon. It was Kang Kyung JOon who kissed you!!" Chung Sik was in the photoshoot session when he accidentally sawDa Ran is giving Yoon Jae's flight ticket and let him go. He was so upset and he started to punch him all the way!!! He now find out that both of them are not going to get married. When Da Ran and Chung Sik got home, they got some guests (relative). Da Ran said she wanted to tell the parents everything (that they call of the marriage), but Chung Sik didn'tlet her do it. He suddenly said, "Nuna, congratulation for your pregnancy!!!" Everyone was surprised and thought that it was good news, but she finally said the truth. When Da Ran and Chung Sik got home, they got some guests (relative). Da Ran said she wanted to tell the parents everything (that they call of the marriage), but Chung Sik didn'tlet her do it. He suddenly said, "Nuna, congratulation for your pregnancy!!!" Everyone was surprised and thought that it was good news, but she finally said the truth. Her mom left… and Chung Sik said, "Im afraid that mom will collapsed." But his mom came back and bring a mop, and use the stick to try to beat Da Ran up. The house was totally in a mess!! it was like a family war! hahahahha hillarious!! Yoon Jae came to Da Ran house just in time when Da Ran mom was about to throw her slipper at her, and it got directly to Yoon Jae's head!! Both of them were sitting and tried to to explain what happen. Yoon Jae said its his fault (taking out all name cards from the massage places and night clubs) that he is not loyal to her, and he often go to those place. The parents finally said that it's up to them to decide about their wedding. Suddenly Yoon Jae got a call from his mom, telling that she is now in Seoul. Da Ran and Yoon Jae met his mom, and his mom told Yoon Jae to go back to the States to take a rest from the accident. Yoon Jae was asleep at home, and the next morning, he think, if their soul got swapped when they are almost dead, then maybe he can get his soul back when they are in the same situation. He suddenly took Kyung Joon's body, and drove away to the cliff where he got the accident. He was driving , but he stopped in the middle, and he realized that it will not work. So he went back to hospital and returned Kyung Joon to the hospital. Yoon Jae finally told his mom, that he actually lost his memory from the accident, so the mom told him to go back to The States with her and postpone the wedding. Yoon Jae told Da Ran that he will go back to the states, upgrade himself, and when he come back, he will marry her! Da Ran suddenly hit his head! "Why are you talking nonsense! You are too young!! Before Yoon Jae leave, he went to Kyung Joon's room to say goodbye. He met Kyung Joon's uncle. His uncle said, "if we cant cure Kyung Joon, why don't we move him to a facility (I don't know what kind of facillity he is talking about)." Yoon Jae said, "I know that you don't want him to wake up and you are just waiting for his asset. But before he is 18, you can't get anything. I know the password of Kyung Joon's account. So please take care of him until I come back." He also said goodbye to Mari. He was hesitant when he was in the airport, but finally he left with Yoon Jae's mom. The scene jump out to 1 year later, and Da Ran went to a wedding party, and they met again!!! Da Ran called him, "Kyung Joon~ Kyung Joon~" but he didn't respond. Da Ran called him "Yoon Jae-ssi, " and Yoon Jae turned back!!! So are their sould swapped back now?? See tomorrow's episode!! Ep 6 Preview: ---------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to share this card by clicking on the f/t button! Don't forget to click on the ♥ button too! :) 
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thanks for the live recap. was watching live and reading ur recap at the same time. What did BIG do to me?
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okay, SO wha is that? did really Yoon Jae back to his body or Kyung Joon's just pretending to be Yoon jae? xD
refresh and refresh... Thank you for the live recap Sapphire148...
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