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Hello fellow vinglers! Here is my next oneshot starring Choi Youngjae of Got7. For this oneshot I am writing from different views of people. Tell me if you like it in the comments below after you read it!
Warning! Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk
Soft (a Choi Youngjae oneshot) Amy POV Amy was sitting in the living room of her boyfriend’s dorm waiting for him to come home. She had been waiting since 10AM that day. It was now 4PM. She had been waiting for six hours. She had it. Youngjae (her bf), it has been two hours. You said you were going to come back at two. What’s taking you so long?! If you don’t show up before 5, I’m going home. She texted. Youngjae POV Youngjae’s phone dinged. His manager was monitoring it. He saw her text as he silenced his phone. Youngjae was being interviewed by a entertainment news person. Once his interview was done, his manager informed him of the text from his girlfriend. “Youngjae, someone texted you.” His manager told him as he handed him his phone. Youngjae opened his phone to read the text. “I have to go.” He said. Youngjae rushed back to the dorm, his manager following close behind. He hailed over a cab as soon as he saw one on the street. An orange cab pulled up in front of the guys as they got in. “Take me to XXX.” He said. The taxi driver took them back to his dorm. “Why are we going back to your dorm?” The manager asked. “I want to see my girlfriend.” Youngjae replied. The taxi driver pulled up to the dorms as Youngjae ran out of the car to his dorm. Amy POV It was 4:15. Amy was still at his dorm, on her phone when Youngjae stormed into the apartment. Amy was startled as she jumped back on the couch and moved to the farthest right of the couch as Youngjae kissed her deeply. Amy raked her fingers in his long hair and touched his soft dark blue velvet shirt. She then touched his skin under his shirt as he threw it off to the side towards the TV. Youngjae then kissed her cheeks, forehead, nose, chin, and all around her neck as he fondled with her tank top, crawling his fingers underneath, pushing it up and over her head. He then toyed with her boobs as he squeezed them through her bra. She unhooked her bra as she tossed it to the side. Youngjae then sucked on one boob and massaged the other. Amy curved her back at his action as he gave the same treatment to the other sides. “What took you so long?” Amy asked. “I had an interview.” Youngjae replied. “Do you have anything else to do?” Amy asked. “It can wait.” Youngjae said as he was rubbing his pelvic bone on hers. Amy pulled him in for another kiss as she hooked her legs on his waist as he picked her up and took him to his bedroom. This was the only room he had to himself. The other members of his group had roommates so he had a bedroom to himself. He threw her on the bed as he pulled off her shorts and panties. He began to rub his finger in between her labia as she crossed her arms over her face and moaned out in pleasure. “Don’t do that, I want to see you beg for me.” He said as she placed her hands on his back as she pushed him down so he could eat her out. He licked her buns up as he absorbed every drop of her juices and she leaked in his mouth. He devoured her until the very last drop as he sucked it up until she was dry. He then kissed her neck as he undid himself of his tight black jeans and briefs as his rock hard rod slapped his chest and he rubbed it in between her buns. “You feel so good!” Amy told him. “Just you wait baby!” He told her as he pushed himself inside her hole. She yelped out loud as her walls squeezed him at the base. “Ugh! You’re so tight!” Youngjae said. He thrusted deeper into her hitting her sweet spot every time. Manager POV I wonder what’s taking him so long. The manager thought to himself. His phone buzzed. He looked at his phone. Jackson texted him. Manager-nim, where did you go? It read. ‘Youngjae wanted to go back to the dorms. He wanted to see his girlfriend.’ He texted back. Jackson read his text and immediately grinned at himself. Mark was sitting next to him as they were at practice. He looked at Mark as they laughed silently. Jackson decided to text him what he thought and suspected Youngjae was doing by sending him something dirty. Jackson laughed so hard, his head was in Mark’s lap. The manager read Jackson’s dirty text as he shook his head. 🤦‍♂ he replied. Jackson and Mark were still dying of laughter. The manager kept waiting in the car. “Sir, I’m sorry, but you have to get out.” The taxi driver told him. “Yes sir.” The manager said as he paid the driver. He got out of the car and looked for a bench to sit on. Amy POV “Uh, uh, I’m gonna cum!” Amy said. “Me too!” Youngjae said. Amy held onto his body for dear life as she neared her breaking point. Youngjae thrusted harder into her until he blasted his liquid inside of her which made Amy release her juice as well. They both rode out their orgasms as he pulled out and laid next to her. “I’m sorry I didn’t come home earlier.” Youngjae said. “It’s okay, I know you’re busy.” Amy said. He kissed her for a few seconds as he cleaned himself up, put on new clothes and left. “I’ll be back soon honey!” He said. “Later oppa!” Amy called out as she calmed down, got dressed and went home. Youngjae POV Youngjae walked outside the dorms as he found his manager sitting on a bench. “Did you pay him?” He asked. “Yes.” The manager said. The manager called his coworker and asked him to pick them up and take them to the studio. “They will be here in a few minutes.” The manager said. “Alaseo” youngjae said. They waited for five minutes as a car pulled up in front of them. Youngjae and his manager got in as they went back to the studio.
I hope you all liked it! If you want more in this format, please let me know in the comments below! Also if you want more oneshots from me, let me know in the comments below!