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You All Should LOVE Umji :)

Umji had to take a lot of hate in the beginning for "bringing down the visuals" of GFriend because she wasnt stereotypially "idol pretty"

She has adorable chubby cheeks and a button nose, but netizens called her ugly.

She never assumes people are her fans, so when she finds out they are she gets SO CUTE.

Now she's getting more popular thanks to her confidence growing and the wonderful GFriend fans supporting her so let's keep cheering her on!

I think she's adorable, and deserves no hate at all!

We love you Umji!

Umji is literally like the definition of adorable. Netizens are like blind half the time
Is there anyway i can b untagged from your cards
Thank you. Ans its just too often. Im tired of notifications
got it ;) untagged~
Thank you so much
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