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Actress Moon Geun Young is currently studying hard for her last semester. On June 18, a spokesperson for Moon’s agency, Namoo Actors, said that Moon is studying hard for her final exam to take full credits to graduate this year. The spokesperson says, “She will finish taking full credits but she won’t graduate in this first half year. She will prepare for her graduation during the second half year. She will do her presentation assignments and take language tests.” But since if she completes her credits for graduation, she doesn’t have to take the trouble to attend school, and that made people eagerly anticipate to see her in movies or TV dramas later this year. The spokesperson also says, “She is currently studying hard for the final test. She is carefully considering her next job as well.” Since Moon is not a national baby sister anymore and has become a lady, many officials in the movie and drama businesses are offering her various characters to play. Moon recently went to see the musical Finding Mr. Destiny to support So Yoo Jin and drew a lot of attention thanks to her beautiful appearance. Source: Starnews
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Gah! she's so talented and responsible - Go, MGY GO!