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Actress Park Min Young is currently receiving a favorable review for her passionate acting. In the eighth episode of MBC TV’s drama series Doctor Jin that aired on June 17, a book that had Jin Hyuk (played by Song Seung Hun)’s penicillin hidden inside was burned by an unidentified armed man. At this, Young Rae (played by Park Min Young) jumped into the fire to save the penicillin and burned herself. Jin Hyuk succeeded in performing a surgery to remove the salivary gland of Mrs. Jo (played by Jang Young Nam), a relative of the great queen. However, Mrs. Jo got an infection in the area where the surgery was done and came to suffer from pain and a high fever. The last penicillin Young Rae saved was used for Mrs. Jo as her condition was worse than Young Rae’s. However, as Young Rae stood the intense pain without any treatment, she eventually blacked out. It also hinted that there will be a love triangle between Kyung Tak (played by JYJ’s Jae Joong), Jin Hyuk, and Young Rae, as Kyung Tak had a confrontation with Jin Hyuk while trying to save Young Rae. After curing Jo, Jin Hyuk hurriedly took off Young Rae’s jacket (jeogori) in order to treat the wound on her shoulder part as she could lose her consciousness because of the high fever. However, Kyung Tak got upset by this and warned Jin Hyuk not to come and see Young Rae anymore although he appreciated for saving her. At this, Jin Hyuk decided to leave Young Rae. People responded: “Park Min Young was so great when she jumped into the fire to save the last penicillin.” “I was impressed by Park Min Young’s passion.” “I can see Kyung Tak’s sad feeling for Young Rae.” “I was so relieved when Doctor Jin dramatically saved Young Rae. It was so thrilling.” “Park Min Young’s acting was so realistic that I thought she was really suffering from a high fever.” Park Min Young is currently performing in the drama series Doctor Jin. Source: TV Report via