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Jang Dong Gun debuted the double safety pin look at the press conference for the drama back in May, and the actor has donned the same look numerous times throughout the series ever since. And for good reason, apparently, as those babies are worth more than one million won (approx. $860). At first glance, the price tag has us wondering if the safety pins can do tricks or grant wishes, but, alas, a closer look at the shiny objects reveals they′re just pieces from luxury brand Chrome Hearts. Stylist Jung Yoon Ki, who is the mastermind behind Jang Dong Gun’s gentlemanly wardrobe in the drama, purchased the item when he was overseas and gave it to the actor as a gift. Speakng to the popularity of the drama, the look is fast becoming a new trend in Korea with knock-offs taking over the market. Who said top stars can’t wear the same thing twice? For that price, we′d be getting as much wear out of them as well. src: enewsworld
they are great looking but even at $860
what?? seriously? i figured they might be expensive since they look classy and all but phew!! i million. Talk about living up to your character.
thanks I am watching the series and wondered about the pins.
The bracelets he is wearing, I like that too. Is there a story behind that .