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Despite depleted budgets, NASA and the broader lunar science community are both still talking manned lunar missions — potentially, in 2021 to the earth-moon L2 Lagrange point (60,000 kms above the far side surface) and a manned far side surface mission by 2028. “The first flight test of the [new] Orion spacecraft is scheduled for September 2014,” said David Kring, planetary scientist at the NASA-funded Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) in Houston. “Orion is then scheduled to fly around the moon without crew in 2017 and then a crewed orbital lunar mission in 2021.”
@jayman dude I know what u mean... i know itll never happen for me now but I definitely still dream about it. U know even if I could afford those private trips (which i definitely cant lol), I am not sure that would fulfill my dream. My dream was to fly something into outer space. I wanted to be in control lol
(Think unobtanium)
@goyo My dream job is still to be an astronaut. It likely will never happen, but a boy can dream. That being said, there are private companies that plan on sending mining missions to the moon in 2015
i grew up hoping to be a pilot just so I could have a chance to be on a shuttle… ahhhh dreams lol. I am glad though that they are continuing the launches
there's no point, lets go to mars
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