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Video is just some highlights from that game. He finished with 138 points. "What kind of work do you do to be able to put up that many shots in a game? It takes a lot of offseason work and one of my major goals coming into this year was being in better shape. It takes a toll on your body. So I came into this year in better shape then I ever had been in the past. How do you deal with all of the criticism that comes with this brand of basketball? I kind of knew that it was going to come because the coaches said that not everyone will like it. Some say its not real basketball, but its just not traditional basketball. We’ve had success with it, so we just try to tune all of the negativity out. What was the reason for the switch from number 3 to number 24? I’ve been 24 my whole career, and my favorite player was Kobe Bryant. So when he switched, I switched. I was number 12 at the prep school I was at, then I tore my ACL. When I came here, a senior had 24, so I took 3, and I eventually had to have wrist surgery at the end of the year. So I just did it so that I wouldn’t get injured again (laughs)." Kobe Bryant never dropped 138 in his life.