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I am truly truly grateful that I get to watch this show on Netflix. I was half expecting that it was only going to be shown in Korea. When I saw it pop up on Netflix on Friday, I dropped to my knees and praised the gods!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank YOU!!

Even if my sweet little baby, SeHun wasn't on this show, I still would have watched it. Yoo Jae Suk is on here, as well as Lee Kwang-soo. Two funny guys who always seem to bring a little comedy in everything they do.

I had to laugh my ass off during that whole snake part. The girls were trying to get it out, he was like literally running in circles, LOL OH MY GOD, tears, tears...

Hong Jong-hyun playing along in the second episode.

Netflix: Busted Trailer

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I was actually waiting for this and then completely forgot that it came out this past Friday. I have been binge watching 2 days 1 night season 3 from the beginning because of Jung Joon Young and forgot about this.
The show was so good, though episode 1 figured out a.little too early. The whole time when they were in the field I just laughed. Poor Sehin getting the snakes....lol
I cracked up so hard at him... that poor baby
@MelissaGarza And their not streaming one episode but two episodes every Friday until June 1
Wow! I definitely need to start to watch this too
I already have