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Translation: Yoon Jae: It's almost completed. Chung Sik: Did you hear the news that Dr. Seo appear in the hospital? School Principal: Miss Gil Da Ran is not dumped, but she dumped him. Yoon Jae: You have to recover my dignity, if we meet again, I won't be a joke for you. Ma Ri: in this world, is there a person who give me same feeling (like Kyung Joon i guess)? Kyung Joon's uncle: Ma Ri student… Ma Ri: the house that Kyung Joon lived before…ajussi bought it? Yoon Jae's mom: I will be thankful if Se Young will be the person who is next to Yoon Jae… Yoon Jae: there could be a war...and you might get hurt... Get Big episode's live recap, screenshots, and preview by following me at :)
@maracarrero ahhh thank youuu <3 i feel this is rewarding...just want to enjoy this with all Kdrama lovers~ enjoy dear!
I am amazed. Your are the greatest and the speediest. Godspeed!