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Let's Eat? No, I don't mean let's go out and eat together! A new and just recent drama that came out is literally call Let's Eat! It features Yoon Du Jun (from boy group Beast) as the main male lead role and Lee Soo Kyung as the main female lead role. The drama is suppose to be about a 33 year old women that divorce her husband and is completely obsess with food, but she's not the only one who shares the strange addiction so does Yoon Du Jun. Although the things get weird when some strange murder occurs in their neighborhood which some how brings them together. Episode one has already been release and the episode are release every Thursday night. Is this a drama worth watching? Well I have already seen episode one and without spoiling it I'll tell you that it seems very funny already and plus Yoon Du Jun sure catches the eye of a person. Hahaha, so check it out! Peace :)
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i watched this recently and its really funny! plus i couldnt stop drooling because of all the food and ofcourse doo joon oppa!:)