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aaahh, finally... hope they will be long lasting couple. congratulation Hyun Woo-ssi Happy for both of you... ~~~~~ “There is something that I really want to say during today’s session of ‘Raise the Volume’ (about her relationship with Ji Hyunwoo)… I knew this would have a huge impact career-wise, so I was extremely careful… and my mind was wandering all over the place. I thought to myself, ‘Despite the results and reactions from the outside, is this love that I’m allowed to take part of?’ This was the kind of belief I had." "If I’m not sure, as much as this is my job and my career, it was difficult and that was the belief I had… For ten days I thought about it immensely, and came to the conclusion that we should purely only consider our feelings and nothing else… I finally contacted him two days ago… I finally called Ji Hyunwoo, who waited for me all this time even though he was probably anxiously waiting (for an answer). " We met up at the park and as we were walking along, he said that ‘Although Queen Inhyun’s Man (the drama they starred in and met together) is over, I want to try to be Yoo Inna’s Man’. I like him. I have found assurance and I am certain. And he has given me those feelings. I would like to start a beautiful relationship with him and meet him more than anyone else. And Ji Hyunwoo-ssi, as promised, please stop smoking now.” Credit: swaggalevel-1000@tumblr