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2002 - first meeting through The Nuts December 2011 - JHW came to give YIN his signed CD January 2012 - 1st radio show early March 2012 - JHW cast as a leading man - most probably he suggested and contacted YIN late March - YIN being cast as his leading lady April 16th - QIHM press conference + 2nd radio show May 2012 - he confessed to her privately, she asked him to give her time June 7th - JHW's love confession June 7th - JHW said to her he never wanted anything in his life so badly, he didn't want to lose her June 11th - JHW tweeted he'd confess again if he was in the same situation June 7th - June 17th - Yoo In Na taking her time to think over his confession June 17th -YIN contacted JHW - declaring her feeling to him June 17th - our couple was spotted taking a stroll in the park June 18th - YIN confessed on her radio show she liked him and asked for fans' blessing cr: aisling @soompi
I think you two are the most amazing couple. You really compliment each not only in looks but honesty. May you find happiness in all of your endeavors
@supernovah..hopefully they will marry and have children. The movie was so beautiful and now the story continues in real life. I too pray for their happiness
@luka let's thank to aisling for this one :) @history17 yub, a great REAL love story... it would even greater if this continue to married, having kids, and live happily ever after (i'll pray for them)
ooh thanks for this Supernovah I was also getting a bit confused as to when exactly JHW confessed to YIN
love QIHM and now Yoo In Na's Man. Great love story