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She starts to really talk about it at 1:30.- There was something I wanted to say today at “Volume.” Just, just…Kim Ji Hae wrote, “Shall we listen to Yoo DJ?” Hahaha. Shall we? Shall I start? 1:45: I’m not just saying this but last Thursday? Friday? It was Friday. I had a serious talk with the writer that day already and this was already planned. But..ke…the reporter was faster. For me, it was definitely something that I needed time to think over. And if possible, I wanted to say something when my heart was completely ready. But before I had decided on anything, so many speculations came out, and because at every single word of mine there were headlines written as “Meaningful statement!” I was more careful. That was all. I needed time. 2:29: Ja…First, I learned about (his) feelings while we were filming the drama. I found out then. But I thought that there could be confusion when you are focusing on the character. I didn’t like that. I also thought, “Is this the right time for me to date?” So I said, “Let’s keep personal feelings aside at least until the drama finishes.” Thankfully, Hyun Woo-sshi understood and was considerate. So we were able to finish the drama safely. 3:00 Then at final broadcast showing, that event happened. At that enormous confession, at that time I said, “This is really a men-boong drama”- I really didn’t know what to think. So I asked him after it ended, “Why did you do that?” He said this. In his whole lifetime, he had never said, “Mom I want this. Mom I want that. I really want it.” Even as a grown up, he never said, “I want these clothes. I want that car.” He never desired (coveted) something. But…hee…he desired something for the first time so he didn’t want to lose her. He said that. 3:42. At the same time I was bewildered, I was grateful because it/he was genuine/innocent/pure. I was thankful. At every word, at every expression, his eyes..I felt his honesty and I felt that I knew (what he was feeling). Courageously, without measuring…It wasn’t because he wasn’t thinking about the future or he wasn’t being considerate of me…not that, but a innocence that couldn’t be more innocent…a sincere heart…ah ha….I felt that. 4:12 But attention I couldn’t predict rushed over. There were reporters photographing me while I was doing this show live, and messages from listeners telling me to answer also flooded in. At those things, I couldn’t be courageous. Instead of being just a problem between the two of us…I was also concerned about other people’s attention….It’s a important problem, in all honesty. It was obvious that there will be some impact career-wise..so I felt very cautious…a lot. I think that’s why I wandered…worrying about this and that. 4:46: My mom said this. The world can be much more beautiful than you think. Believe in them. Put down everything and think. When you’ve put everything down, feel for yourself what is left at the core. So I thought, “Without thinking about anything else, I will look deeply into my heart.” And whatever the result, to the question of “Is this a kind of love I can do?”- I thought about faith and assurance/certainty..Without certainty…and because of my job…it would be a hard thing. But faith…faith grew. 5:29 For about ten days, I thought about it hard and the more I did, the answer became more simple. “Purely, let’s just look at our heart.” So I called him. I had asked him for a week to think but it ended up taking a few more days. I called him the day before yesterday. I called Hyun Woo-shi who must have been very anxious inside but was waiting calmly. We talked while we walked around the park- “Since ‘Queen In Hyun’s Man’ ended, let us start ‘Yoo In Na’s Man.’ 6:07 Like that, our first date started successful but the reporter was there too with us. Haha. I saw him, honestly. I also saw his car. I even saw him follow us to the park. He took a nice picture of me doing the “V.” I think our eyes met too. Well..it’s okay. I was planning to talk about it anyway. I’m sorry that it couldn’t be a surprise event like Hyun Woo-sshi, and I was worried that the “Volume” family (the radio show listeners) would say, “Why didn’t you say anything?” Since you have heard everything, you will know…Truthfully, I can’t tell you this secretly. Even if I told you secretly, it wouldn’t be a secret. I’m grateful that you guys seem to be understanding. You’ll know now that you’ve heard everything. I didn’t hide anything that had already progressed. Like I said in the beginning, I was preparing to say something already. I was thinking the “Volume” family is first. 7:13 I like him and I found certainty. Very thankfully, he gave me that kind of faith. That’s why I want to date him prettily and more than anyone else, I want to get congratulations from the “Volume” family. You’ve waited quietly for me to talk even when all sorts of reports came out. Once again, I felt the strangeness of radio. How can we become like a real family in just a few months? Anyway…this is it. I said it first,with my own mouth, to the “Volume” family. Like when you are young and you tell your family, “I have a boyfriend,” I have butterflies in my stomach. Ah..ah..I wish that the “Volume” family will congratulate me. And…to Hyun Woo-sshi who might be listening to this broadcast, please stop smoking as promised. Smoking is bad for your health. If there are any smokers among the “Volume” family, either stop smoking or smoke less. Smoking is bad for your health. Anway..this is relationship that has started so please look at this prettily. I will date him quietly….quietly. You have to date someone to know them! And lastly, there are “Volume” listeners who are listening for the first time because you were curious about today, right? Welcome. Since you are here, continue to stay with us! I need to stop. We’ll come back after a song- IU’s “Peach.” Credit: http://joonni.com/2012/06/18/translation-yoo-in-na-responds-on-raise-the-volume/#comment-2739
her voice is so cute, as well as her gesture. No wonder Hyun Woo is head over heels with her ;)
thanks for sharing and joonni for the translation :)
a very happy ending, I must say. It's like Queen In Hyun's Man special episode that we all have been waiting for :)
AWESOME ....finally ..its a happy ending..hahaha
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