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Honest Opinion: Lip-syncing vs Live singing?

It's a controversial topic but every group does it .

Sometimes its not their choice, they're forced to do it by whatever show they're on but honestly, I'm okay with it!

Reasons I'm okay with lip-syncing:

1. It's freaking hard to do the choreography and sing
We expect kpop groups to dance perfectly, can we expect them to sing perfectly too?! I think guide tracks and lip syncing is totally okay given how freaking out of breath they must be.
2. Groups often record live vocals, then lip-sync to those while dancing
So teeeeechnically they're just lip syncing to their already live voices. This is the case for most music shows actually!
3. Their voices would be ruined if we made them sing every single time
Idols have a show pretty musch every single day unlike western artists, and deserve a freaking REST
4. A lot of times its half and half
You can hear the track playing most of the time, but you can also clearly hear the live vocal at some points. I think its okay for idols to save their breath (while dancing) and use their love voice at the most important parts.

But damn, I love a good live show:

1. When EXID's music got messed up so they had to sing live and they were LIVING for it!

2. This speaks for its self.

3. Why aren't these girls more popular freaking UGH

4. Prepare to be mesmorized.
5. That one time Suga stopped singing to show that he wasn't lip syncing ;)
I agree with you. In fact, I got into heated discussions with my sister about that. I would rather see them lip synic then hear them breathing and panting while performing. I love see good choreography performance.
Exactly! For me, I want to see a good show. I know they can sing, but I also know they're human hahahhaha
I agree, I do musicals but the "dancing" is usually just walking to the rhythm while singing and this is hard core dancing.
I think its fine but i really appreciate it when you can hear the live vocals
I truly don't mind them lipsyncing. They are giving their all into the dance, which is something I love watching them do! I understand why they do it, I don't complain, and I sit back to enjoy their dancing. I just continue wishing for kpop stars' good physical and mental health, cause in the end they're just people working a job.
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