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YG Revealed BLACKPINK's Official Light Stick!

Here they are!

▶️RELEASE : 2018. 05. 28.
▶️PRICE : 20,000 KRW
-YG SELECT Amazon(US) :

At first I was like ehhh? They remind me of these:

But when I saw the heart I fell in love.

What do you think?

Omg I love it! at first i thought of the hammer also. until I saw the hearts
First thing that popped into my head was shake weight.
It IS a piko piko hammer! Awesome
I don’t like it...... in the photos at a certain angle it looks like the female reproductive system.... I think this one is worse than NCT’s light stick.
omg ahhahahahahhah
I saw this meme about it and I just had to say it cuz I 100% agreed 😂
popping tht is litey just like a yg group to have a unique light stick yasssssss
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