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Price: KRW 14900 (approx USD 15) Net content: 35gr Just from its name, I thought this product is a kind of essence. But it's not! When you use it, the feeling is like using base + primer + volumer, at the same time! If you see inside the bottle, there are 3 different color which automatically blend when you apply it. On the instruction written on the bottle, it says that it have the effect of tinted primer and make up base, as well as whitening effect. When I apply it on my hand, the 3 colors (apricot, yellow, and lavender) came out together and it also contains pearl that will give more volume on the skin tone. It is really soft and it turn out really natural. However, after waiting for a while, the part that I applied the product turn out to be semi matte, so I think this product is more suitable for people who have oily skin type and suitable also or summer (since our face will get oily so easy. For those who have dry skin type, I suggest you to mix this product with your moisture cream or essence oil. You can also mix it with your foundation of BB cream , or even apply it later after you apply your foundation to give highlight on some parts of your face.
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wow... this is really an all in one product... too bad i cant buy holika holika in my country!