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Love these...
I was doing it b/c you were doing it, then I thought aint it just us on here? Hahahaha!!! Yeah, ill msg you...,
LOLLL oops that is true hhahahah i guess we can stop tagging for now and yess please let me know lol i guess you can just message me :D
@ameliasantos10 I find it funny that its just us on here, but here we are tagging each other, hahahahaha!!! Okay, ill watch episode 1 later on today and ill let you know if I love it or ill scream, NEXT!!!!! but i doubt I will b/c anything LSG does, I love...
@cheerfulcallie hahaha definitely i mean for me it's interesting yet at the same time i guess i am not as drawn into it and yer try look into it and let me know what you think :D
@ameliasantos10 really? I actually enjoy drama pieces b/c it's a little different from the norm so I find it quite intriguing but i know what you mean abt some being boring. however it depends on the drama itself too.... for the recommendation, ill look into it, thanks!!
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