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HELLO EVERYONE! i dont know abt u guys but I'm just so so so so happy for my fav darling InHyun couple! <3<3 for some reason QIHM makes me really want to wish the 2 of them all the best, and I feel like I have so many things to say and I really want to express how I feel... i know lots of you guys feel the same so I thought I'm going to do a "InHyun Couple PROJECT"! i'm living in Korea now, so what I'm going to do is I'm going to make congratulatory messages for them and send it to them!!! I'm going to send them to YG and Paramount Music probably, I'll hunt around and see if I can get better addresses. I know there's lots of crazy InHyun shippers like me... so... ANYONE WANT TO JOIN ME??? kekeke if you are keen, just do the following: 1) Leave a comment here on this card 2) Make a card for our In Hyun couple! what you need to do is the following 2a) Click here http://www.vingle.net/Queen-In-Hyeons-Man 2b) Click the 'Add a Card' button 2c) Select the language you want and write your card! You can choose to upload images/videos as you please 2d) Tag other relevant parties if you want to in the party field. You are already automatically tagging the 'Queen In Hyun's Man" party If you are still not sure how to make a card, check out this link [http://www.vingle.net/posts/5999-Vingle-Tips-3-Card-Creation] 3) Write what you want to say! Upload pics you have! You can choose to upload drama pics, pics of the Inhyun couple, anything that's related to our favourite couple! 4) Leave a comment with a link to your card here so I can compile all the cards, and send it to Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo!!!!! gosh I am getting more and more excited as I write this. Anyone else keen??? Somehow QIHM has made me really really want to wish this couple well, i know offscreen couples tend to fail but PLEASEEEE PLEASEEE i hope the 2 of them work!!!! please join me guys!!! let's do it together! Vingle supports multiple languages so just write in whichever lang u feel comfortable in, as long as u leave a comment here i"ll know! Share with all other crazy fans too! DEADLINE: 28 June (then I have time to get everything done and sent before JHW goes to the army)
whoaah.. it's good to be back in @Vingle. btw @whatever, you're welcome... just hope that uri lovely couple will read all of them,and it's all thanks for your effort. Although a little sad that I couldn't made a card for them, for i am too damn busy lately. But still, happy though, knowing that lots of people bless their relationship ^_^
i almost forgot, special thanks to everyone for joining in especially SUPERNOVAH!! thank you for remaking this card into Indonesia and for spreading the word for me, loveee all ur cards here at Vingle keke *fangirling*
HI EVERYONE!!! just wanted to let you know that I posted the cards alreadyyy! I took some pictures of our beautiful project, link is here for all of youuu http://www.vingle.net/posts/29460-InHyun-Couple-Congratulations-Project-SENT
its the last day today everyone!!! hurry and put the links to your cards here so I can send them tomorrow!!! 今天是最后一天大家记得把自己做的卡链接贴在这儿,明天我才能把卡全都寄给我们的仁显王后情侣!
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