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--IU According to actress Yoo In Na, IU “had a mental breakdown” after hearing about her friend publicly accepting Ji Hyun Woo‘s confession. As we reported earlier, Yoo In Na has confirmed her relationship with Ji Hyun Woo via KBS‘s FM radio station, ‘Yoo In Na’s Turn Up the Volume’. Regarding this latest piece of news, a listener couldn’t help but ask Yoo In Na, “What was IU’s reaction [to your announcement]?” The listener’s curiosity is understandable, as IU’s surprise visit to Yoo In Na on June 11th has made their intimate friendship a topic of interest. In response to the question, Yoo In Na said, “Of course, IU had a mental breakdown,” as a playful way of explaining IU’s extremely shocked state. Her answer evoked much laughter among her radio channel subscribers. The actress continued to then explain IU’s caring nature, saying, “IU is more like a mom than I am. IU is always saying, ‘Unni, this and that…’ and tells me a lot about various things.” In other news, Yoo In Na has made a few more comments regarding her relationship with Ji Hyun Woo. “Even though you must have been nervous, thank you for waiting for me, Ji Hyun Woo-ssi,” she said, first addressing her new boyfriend before proceeding to speak to the interested public, “Since this a relationship that has just started out, please watch over us kindly.” source: via