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M.I.B have released a behind-the-scenes video and making-of for their new single, "Worry About Yourself First", with special appearances by A Pink's Bomi and model Lee Ho Jung. Bomi can be seen lending her voice in the studio with 5Zic directing the recording. She shared, "Hello, it's A Pink's Bomi! I got to do a featuring for M.I.B's 'Worry About Yourself First' today. Even before this, A Pink liked listening to M.I.B's music, so it is an honor to be featured like this. 'Worry About Yourself' is a feel-good tune to listen to anytime, anywhere. Bomi's sweet voice is included as well as M.I.B's powerful rap, so please love 'Worry About Yourself' a lot!" Lee Ho Jung also got to hang out with the boys on set, so check out the eye candy in the BTS video and making-of film!
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wooow thank u I am a big fan of MIB