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No lie Gohan had SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH potential to becom like the maim character in DBZ/DBS to the point to surpass Goku.... BUT sadly the writer only wants Goku to be number one :(
the writer was going to have Gohan take over as main character but there was a lot of complaint about that so he brought Goku back and made him the main character again
That's not actually true, it's just a rumor people spread:
But gohan did become a major pansy in super, was majorly disappointing
I don't get why people say this. He became a scholar, not choosing to be a fighter doesn't make him a pansy. Let's look at the list: In DBZ he failed to make any meaningful impact against even Nappa, messed up Piccolo's plan by running away out of fear, could only be useful as an Oozaru, only ever got stronger by either being powered up by external forces, or plot devices (SSJ2 and Hyperbolic Time Chamber), never trained outside of the Android Arc, always priotized superhero work or school, only entered the tournament because Videl blackmailed him, and was generally uninterested in fighting. Conversely, in Super, Gohan juggles being a scholar, husband, and father, and while he doesn't fight regularly (mostly due to simply not being around (since Trunks' time machine was full as is) or being busy, with a professional career and a family life, but when he does fight, he's a central figure. He is only of the last seven members of a 80 person tournament, eliminating one of the three remaining enemy fighters, and generally shows intelligence and competence, taking out skilled and powerful opponents. During Frieza's invasion, while he is overpowered by Frieza, he easily overpowers his soldiers and commanders and is the only reason Goku and Vegeta arrive in time. He also reawakens and further pushes his Ultimate form, (with only help from Piccolo) making him powerful enough to force Goku (who has retrieved training from Whis) to use his (then) most powerful form, SSB Kaio-ken. When fighting in the exhibition match, he defeats his opponent while poisoned, blind, and physically battered. And we see from the rest of the tournament, that his opponent, even is comparable to Buu's opponent who lost only due to Buu's regen and rage boost, making Gohan casually far more powerful than Buu even in base form.
@JosephHarris that's the worst choice the writer ever made :/
@AdamDean the real truth is here that GOHAN didn't beat buu Be beat him at the end of the day and second the truth still stands that Gohan is not the main character of DBZ/DBS til date he is still a side character and that's extremely sad! After watching so many different animes i found out what DBS/DBZ has been lacking this whole time and thats a solid story!
WTF?! Gohan curbstomped him. Did you even watch the fight?
@AdamDean even if he kicked buus ass that wasn't a win lol cause at the end Gohan gets his ass kicked and absorbed thats a WIN he didn't deafet or STOPED BUU
@AdamDean He didn't evem injured Buu he couldn't cause of that ceazy healing ability super buu had
Both of you make valid points. Gohan did lose at the very end, but Buu definitely was getting whooped for a good while. Getting dominated the entire time, only to win by the most broken healing factor and absorbing other people while a win, does not take away from that beating. Buu’s face said it all. He was definitely feeling pretty hurt 😂
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