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Now the drama is end while the 'real' drama have just started. There is curiousity came to my mind. How did you guys falls for Queen In Hyun's Man? For me it was like this: - I watched an intense TK2H, so i think i need some refreshment - rewatched greatest love and saw In Na. This name rings my bells. I though I saw her in a new drama. What was it?? hmm... start to googling - found it! read the synopsis, look at the cast. and watched it - Laughing a lot at first. Then here came the romantic scene.. jreng jreng!! - A little bit forgot about TK2H. Already infected by Queen In Hyun's Man illness - Explore vingle, found the party, but it was sooooo quite. I need to find others to share with - Spamming the party with cards, hopefully there will be others infected - surfing the internet from all gadget I could find - refreshing pages every seconds - giggling everytime I saw their pics, stills, vid. And it happens anywhere, anytime - Start to feel that everyone around me, looking at me weirdly. Cross to my mind that they might think I'm crazy. Well yes I am, I'm crazy about this. - This is the first time I use kdrama stills as my handphone wallpaper - This is the first time I feel like I got one whole package from a drama. The story, the cast, the wardrobe, the editing, the cinematography, the view, the OST, the emotion, the kiss... and so on so on...PERFECTO!! - and thus, I declare, I am definitely FALLS for QUEEN IN HYUN'S Man
i got interested in this drama from dong yi coz i really felt sad for queen in hyun's story there, i thought this was really about her but fell in love with yoo in ah's bubbly character!
I'am falls for QIHM too cz hyunwoo and in na makes relationship very very natural.. aihh, loves and miss them.. :)
hahaha... so happy that my cards here actually made someone falls for this great great great kdrama. So i guess my mission is complete then :p
it was here at Vingle actually... I saw your cards and your posts supernovah and I was curious... then I read one of your recaps and i fell in LOVE. totally. so I have to thank youuuuuu MUACKS
should have said after ep 1 of QIHM I was totally hooked. I think we have caught the Queen InHyun's Man fever. Not sure there is a cure.
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