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Emojis Are Not Made The Same
Not all devices are alike. Apple, Android, and Windows, to name a few, are very different operating systems and that key difference also makes for very different variations of emojis. The most popularized Unicode Consortium, or the body that selects which emojis will make their public debut, is the Apple version. They are used in marketing campaigns, commercials, apps, texting, food delivery, etc. However operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Samsung, LG, etc. don't always have the same variations of emojis that the general public is accustomed to. This leads to an ultimate dilemma, emojis are basically a language all their own and somehow they are getting lost in digital translation. Thanks to Yahoo tech, a comprised list of varied emojis from device to device: 1. Woman With Bunny Ears You may recognize this emoji normally as the Bunny twins, tap-dancing girls, showgirls, or any of the other various nicknames. However when you transfer over to Android, you'll be in a surprise that the emoji becomes a yellow gumdrop looking face with a brown wig and bunny ears. The dynamic duo is no longer, which probably leads to some confusion at Halloween for Android users who are curious as to when there was an emoji of two Woman With Bunny Ears. 2. Colored Hearts This one is all about design. Apple keeps the hearts very uniform, vibrantly colored, and as basic as can be. For Android, the emojis hold a lot more meaning while also being somewhat cheesy. There is practically no color variation and I don't even know what to think about the fuzzy heart. Emojis are supposed to be playful and I think Android really missed the boat on this one. 3. Watch Obviously iOS looks classier but I am definitely a bigger fan of Android for some reason. I think sometimes less is more and I think it translates well in this instance. After all, a watch is a universal symbol so it's really hard to mess that up between devices. If anything, the emojis from device to device just show a different kind of watch that is solely exclusive to it's own device which seems cool in this example. 4. Eggplant You know exactly what this means if it's sent in iMessage. And you know exactly how hilarious this emoji can be because let's be honest, there is really no everyday use for an eggplant so you might as well spice it up a bit if you know what I'm aiming at. Now as for Android, it's a poor example of an eggplant to begin with but there is no way that it'd ever be used for alternative purposes within messaging. Just no way. 5. Slice of Pizza Okay Android wins on this one. The iOS version looks like a horribly designed emoji that is trying way too hard to be life-like. I appreciate the pic-art look of Android's emoji in this comparison. However, Dominos Pizza is using the iOS emoji in their brand as you can order a pizza now just sending that emoji. After all, that's pretty clever but the pizza emoji could get a generic facelift. 6. Rowboat This is a BIG difference. iOS looks certainly more appropriate and attractive on an interface. The Android immediately signals a date instance which could be totally misconstrued. Also Android needs to keep up with the times as emojis no longer have one option -- with LGBT and racial skin tones being introduced, their emojis need to be updated. Emojis are great because they include everyone and the rowboat needs the same. 7. Glowing Heart Either way, they both accurately depict what you're trying to show. Personally I like the iOS version more however the Android heart isn't horrible. A heart is a heart no matter how you dress it up. Good work to both. 8. Pistol/Gun Windows is the only operating system that doesn't include a gun that looks like iOS. Instead they've opted for a less serious space gun that could easily be more appropriate for Star Trek than anything else. With weapon emojis being taken more and more serious in the media, Windows will have to figure out how to not cause any trouble for its users who may be using their version of the gun emoji playfully while it will be translated into a more serious message. 9. Love Hotel Well to be honest, I've thought the 'H' on iOS stood for hospital and the heart symboled health. Apparently that's the exact opposite of what it meant. Windows does a much better job at representing this but they are both confusing. It wouldn't have killed them to spell out "hotel" on the building, you know. 10. Mobile Phone We get it, you love your own phone. 11. Donut Hmmm these are all very stereotypical of the interface they appear on. To be honest, Windows looks the least like a donut and I personally am not a fan. Android does a pretty good job and iOS is the most life like. I guess this one boils down to pure preference but it should be understood between each device fairly easily. I guess Windows doesn't like chocolate frosting. 12. Alien Monster Well these have very different connotations from the get-go. For iOS, most believe this emoji is a representation of an arcade game that you use with a joystick. For Android, however, it's actually alien monster that looks like an evil version of Pearl from Finding Nemo creepily ready to say "Awww you guys made me ink muhahahahahha!". We have an alien emoji already in iOS, why do we need this one? 13. Tennis Either way, they fit the bill and do a nice job at symbolizing. 10 for 10 on both.
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How Logo Design Can Help Your Business
What is a Logo? A logo is a graphic symbol, sign, or stylized name to identify a firm, organization, product, or brand. It takes the form of an abstract or symbolic design. It can introduce a virtual model of the company's name if it has adequate brand awareness. Where can we use Logo? Everyplace you want! You'll get exclusive commercial and non-commercial rights to use the logo wherever you want to promote your business or product. Importance of Logo in Business Custom Logo Design company has become an increasingly important business tool for businesses to promote their products and services. Logo Design helps companies to differentiate their brand from their competitors. A business logo is a visual way for quick and easy communication between an entrepreneur and customers and assigns a potential message to patrons and clients. Logo Design provides businesses with an inexpensive method to make a lasting impression on consumers. Many companies use logo designs to attract customers and retain them. That has done by using creative and unique logo designs to create awareness and build brand recognition. Logo Design has become a useful marketing tool because it is inexpensive, simple to implement, relatively quick to achieve results, and highly effective in generating sales leads. The key to success is to have a logo that can be easily remembered and recognized by recipients. Custom Logo Design ● It doesn't matter if you're the owner of a business or just trying to keep your brand on the map. Custom logo design is an integral part of building your identity and promoting your company in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. ● It doesn't matter if you're dealing with local businesses or multi-national companies; a custom logo design designed and created by a professional logo designer will always have a better impact on your potential customers than free logos made by amateurs. The bottom line is simple! Your logo represents your business. It's the visual face of your business. If your potential customers cannot immediately recognize your company and logo, they won't do business with your industry. Unfortunately, not every company is out to help you in creating a visual face for your brand. No single one utilized a professional logo designer or graphic designer to create a custom logo design for free to build up their brand name. When using a free graphic design service, designer, or free logo designer, you'll either pay upfront with a little extra fee or suffer the consequences of poor design later down the road. You want your business to be recognized as soon as possible! It's human nature to react negatively and show indifference to what we consider to be mere junk mail. People tend to pass over logos for free e-mailed on spam filters and then ignored them. You have to realize that people have become savvier these days and have learned to tune them out. It is only through custom logo designs that a person can see the potential of your brand name. Your logo designs can attract the attention of the masses if they are presented and created correctly. The key is to be creative and original when designing your company's logo. There are many great logo designers available for hire on the Internet. However, do not fall for what they present to you. Many of these so-called designers are amateur logo designers. There are instances when some of the logos they create don't even come close to resembling real logos! You will want to invest in high-quality custom logos if you wish to make a lasting impression. Professional graphic designers are the only way to go. After all, no matter how good your business is now, it needs a facelift to compete with the other companies in the same market segment. Custom logo design services are the best way to get that required facelift. They take care of all of the background work while concentrating on the specifics - your logo’s look and feel. Custom Logo Design Services When you contract with a custom logo design company, they will guide you through every step of the process. From the concept to the finalized design and everything in between, they will walk you through it. From the idea to the Unlimited Receptions section, where you can print and distribute your custom logo, graphic designers will ensure everything is done to your satisfaction. Even if you have a limited budget, you can afford to give them the treatment they deserve. These graphic designers often work with limited funds, too, so there is no reason you should not get the quality they offer. A custom logo design USA services can help you in so many areas it is almost impossible to list them all. With their help, you can launch a handy website. The best part about it is that you control the entire process. It does not matter what idea you have as long as you can make an appealing website to potential customers. For example, suppose you are opening a business in the USA. In that case, you can use a custom logo design USA services to design your store's logo, banners, letterheads, envelopes, and anything else you might need to promote your business. Take advantage of custom logo design services to help you make a positive impact on people. The best thing about a custom logo design service is that you can be as creative as you want. You do not have to stick with the basics because you are free to come up with as many ideas as possible. Your business will begin to boom after that, and you can look forward to receiving tons of inquiries and orders. Factors to Consider Before Creating Your Logo Designs 1st Factor The first factor to consider is to choose a professional designer who has experience and expertise in creating professional logo designs. It is not enough to hire an individual who can draw a good sketch of your concept. Hiring a qualified and skilled designer will ensure that your logo is effective in conveying your message. There are different areas that designers specialize in; graphic design, typography, and marketing. The designers you choose should have years of experience in this art and skill set. 2nd Factor The next thing to consider is your target audience. Do you plan to use your logo for product branding, advertising, or promotion? You have to determine whether your logo will be used as a standalone image to enhance another product’s branding. The professionals designing your logo designs should be creative and innovative enough to create designs that will make an impression. Most graphic designers can create a great logo that is effective for branding purposes.
Taylor Swift vs. Apple...Taylor WINS
Taylor Swift just went up against the biggest company in the world and WON. That's unheard of. No one has ever had that kind of star-power before. But now, Taylor Swift has it. Taylor was pissed that Apple thought it was going to get away with not paying the artists whose music would be played on their new music streaming service for the first three FREE trial month period. AKA BS. Taylor wasn't having any of that so instead of dismissing it since it really didn't hurt her either way, she pounced. Attacked politely. And claimed an utter victory! This will definitely go down in the history books!!! So here's how the battle went down: Swift tweets at Apple by attaching a letter of hers from Tumblr. Taylor speaks politely and confidently ending with a snippy, "We don't ask you for free iPhones. Please don't ask us to provide you with our music for no compensation." AND TAYLOR STRIKES AGAIN. Not only does Taylor get an outpour of support from her millions of fans, but she also gets backing from major celebrities and recording studios. Like woah. Taylor Swift then gets a personal call from the Apple VP himself as well as this personal tweet. And as the world watches...everyone gasps because for the first time in Apple's history...Apple loses. TAYLOR FOR THE WIN. The media is celebrating on every major platform known to man. Everyone's shocked she did it and it only took 48 hours. Insane. Taylor attacked and conquered the most powerful company in the world by posting a message to Tumblr. She's stronger and more powerful than ever and now everyone knows it. And Swift thinks to herself, "All in a day's work." NBD