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My dear InHyun couple, Just wanted to write you a card to say that I wish you allll the best!!! I loved every moment watching the two of you in Queen In Hyun's Man, and your love was so real to me - I'm so happy that the both of you are actually going to be together! Please, don't forget to always love and cherish the other person. You know that all over the world you have many many fans that are praying and wishing that your relationship will go well. Fighting!!!
my goodness, we are talking about adults here and I certainly hope they have some romance history...who knows maybe it was a Jr. or Sr High or even college girlfriend. I have a friend who is a famous singer/songwriter and he wrote a love song about his ex-wife 15 years after they were divorced and it was a huge hit. I don't think this a one took courage to stand up before the world and announce that they are in love. I wish this couple only happiness if it's only for a day or life time. You both are awesome on and off the screen. Thanks!
ohhh i just saw the video... privacylimited yeahhh I think you might be right... OR it could also be that ji hyun woo fell in love with yoo in na super fast...
hi Luka, here's the video... please tell me that the subtitles are wrong... =(
thank you all for your super sweet comments!!! @privacylimited oh noooo reallyyy i cant find the youtube video!!! do you have it can you post it on Vingle then I can see it... i will be so sad if it's not true though *sob* it might make me cry more than QIHM itself
i'm really happy for them! however, i stumble upon a youtube video interview which caused me to have doubts about Ji Hyun Woo... according to a music program in early March this year (check out youtube), he mentioned that the song (baby elephant) was inspired by his girlfriend (definitely not Yoo In Na bcuz the album was released last Dec). That means he only broke up with his ex-gf not too long ago before "falling deeply" for Yoo In Na... I don't know about others, but i certainly don't feel comfortable after knowing that. I felt strongly about this is bcuz i'm a big fan of Yoo In Na, i hope she wouldn't be hurt....
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