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Kim Tan finds Eun Sang like crazy. Chan Young's dad told Chan Young that Eun Sang won't be going to school tomorrow and Chan Young asked where is she? Kim Tan asked Myung Soo for his car black box ~ (car camera maybe to find out where she goes) Young Do's dad asked Young Do who is Eun Sang, and he replied is a girl he likes. Kim Tan was discouraged, fight with people and ended at the police station!! Kim Won came and bailed him out, asked him why like that? Kim Tan replied this is what he wanted him to live. Young Do received call from Eun Sang, rushed to meet her. When he saw her, he just hugged her! He thanks her for being safe and appeared in front of him. Kim Tan knows Eun Sang's whereabouts and came to the beach, saw her.
Que fuerte
waiting to watch dis
excited to watch it
omg thank you so much @Siennabebs really can't wait for tomorrow my heart broken for them
omo, my heart breaks for both YD and KT.
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