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Finally, it’s out! Thanks everyone for letting me know. My heart is breaking already. I don’t know if the preview is showing everything in order, but like I was guessing, Young Do seems to have “found” Eun Sang first. Or at least, she called him. I wonder why, though. And of course Kim Tan is falling apart at the seams looking for Eun Sang. That line just breaks my heart- “I’m living the way you wanted, hyung.” Are you satisfied, Won? Or is Won going to realize that it actually hurts him to see his brother like this? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chan Young: Kim Tan is looking for Eun Sang like crazy, and Eun Sang’s number is (I can’t here him..I’m assuming he is saying disconnected). Chan Young’s Dad: Eun Sang is not going to be in school starting tomorrow. Eun Sang left. Chan Young: Left? Why? Where? Tan: Give me the memory card to this car’s black box. So I can find Cha Eun Sang. Myung Soo: Cha Eun Sang is in the black box of my family’s car? Young Do’s Dad: Who is Cha Eun Sang? Young Do: A girl that I like. She disappeared overnight, and that is the only way I can find her. Bo Na: Is it okay to just leave Kim Tan like that? I heard he went to the police station and everything. Won: How is this type of rebellion going to be any benefit to you? Tan: I’m living the way you wanted, hyung. Young Do: Cha Eun Sang? Young Do: Thank you. For being safe and sound. For appearing. Thank you so much.
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