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Woow. I'm really really happy after read an article about "Yoo In-na is dating Ji Hyun-woo". Omg. I just feel like, Is it true? Really? Kk. I just want to say, Congratulation to Yoo In-na & Ji Hyun-woo! 축하합니다 유인나 언니 & 지현우 오빠! ᄒᄒ I really hope In-hyun couple will longlast until married & have a baby! ᄒᄒ Keep support each other♥ Wish all the best for you! I LOVE YOU! 사랑합니다!♥ Fighting!~♥ God Bless! =]
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I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN... keke I wonder what their baby will look like..... wahaha now I am starting to daydream
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love this pic!!
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@Luka haha xD. Lol.
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@soula81 That's behind the scene picture^___^
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they are cute couple...I'm hoping of their long lasting relationship and they will get married...
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