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In order to be perfect in every way possible, the gentlemen and ladies of SBS’ A Gentleman’s Dignity are fervently studying their scripts. With the drama currently on its way to breaking the 20 percent ratings mark, the cast has also been working hard in making the drama as perfect as possible. The actors were found to be enthusiastically studying their scripts at every given break time. Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul were seen with their scripts permanently attached to their hands, even during the few minutes when they were asked to move to change camera angles. Kim Ha Neul′s dedication for the drama was especially shown through several Post-It notes decorating her script. Kim Soo Ro and Lee Jong Hyuk, who are known to take good care of their co-stars, acted as stand-ins when the other actors were practicing their lines. Kim Min Jong was also seen carefully going through each of his lines in the script. Due to their detailed carefulness, the actors are known to have made very little to no bloopers during the drama’s filming. One of the staff of the drama’s production company said, “Despite the actors’ busy schedules, they are doing their best filming with the staff. It may be hard physically, but the actors are willingly giving their all. Due to their passion for this drama, it is being projected well on the screen, giving A Gentleman’s Dignity a high degree of completion." src: enewsworld