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Though the drama plotline behind MBC’s I Do I Do is becoming more serious and complicated, things between the drama’s actors sure seem fine. On June 17, Kim Sun Ah posted on her Facebook, “Today we are traveling here and there to film for next week’s episodes~! In between we are leaving behind memories like this~ I hope we will finish shooting this drama with everyone hre healthy to the end~ have a good day today~.” The pictures showed Kim Sun Ah, Lee Jang Woo and Park Geon Hyeong in a series of pictures making a range of different facial expressions and poses with fun cartoon drawings. Netizens commented on the photos saying, “How can all three of you be so cute”, “A beautiful lady in between two gentlemen” and “Fighting until the end!” Photo credit: Kim Sun Ah’s Facebook src: enewsworld
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that means that they kept alive their childhood spirit... it is so boring to be an adult day by day... you really need a place to escape.