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After a dramatic turn of events, Yoo In Na recently acknowledged that she was in a relationship with Ji Hyun Woo, signalling the end to the story that seemed straight out of a K-drama. However, it seems there is one wrinkle to iron out of their relationship, and Yoo In Na raised the question on her radio show, ‘Raise the Volume‘, where she had also officially acknowledged their courtship. “Ji Hyun Woo-ssi, if you’re hearing this, please stop smoking like you promised. Smoking is bad for your body,” she asked her new boyfriend on the broadcast. In response, a listener posted a response, saying, “Ji Hyun Woo-ssi, are you listening? Millions of ‘Volume’ family are watching you”. Backed by her listeners, Yoo In Na playfully threatened Ji Hyun Woo that this was serious business. “If you smoke, I’m sure somebody will be able to tell me,” she added, bringing cheerful laughter to the radio booth. Source: Star Today via Nate I wonder if she really calls him Hyun Woo-ssi in private kkkkk