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"President Obama and his aides will seek to rally public support for his embattled health care plan in the coming weeks, starting with a White House event Tuesday. Obama will promote the effort in a speech while surrounded by people who have benefited from the new law, according to an addition to the White House schedule." I wonder how much public money is being spent to sell me policies I'm already spending to keep in place? I don't even mind the law but I just hate the politics here. Laws shouldn't be sold by PR campaigns, especially at the public's dollar
very true those are all good examples. I guess I have mixed feelings about those things but the government is probably always going to run PR campaigns for random crap at my expense, I should probably just get used to it
Not that I necessarily agree, but to play devils advocate what do you think about paying for presidential candidate ads? DARE ads? Smokey the bear? Military recruitment ads? The list goes on and on, all taxpayer funded. At least this law is saving lives (sorry smokey).
eh, something about paying to advertise a law sickens me
yeah this is amazing
saved my life already