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Fan Service Queens Dreamcatcher Film Selfie MV at KCON

JiU is SO INTO IT she's literally holding on to one girl and holding her hand, I'd die hahahahhah

Iโ€™m so jealous! Golden Child also drove people around at KCON NY! (Possibly at LA too.) Iโ€™m like so flipping jealous!
Wait wait wait wait wait, GOLDEN CHILD. DROVE. PEOPLE AROUND. AT KCON NY? I donโ€™t even stan Golden Child, Iโ€™ve just listened to one of their songs but Iโ€™m jelly omg. Thatโ€™s cool, arenโ€™t they all young tho? I would think they arenโ€™t old enough to drive ๐Ÿค”
Only Daeyeol and Jangjun could drive I believe. They are the only two with international licenses. Jangjun, TAG, and Donghyun rode in a car. Daeyeol, Bomin, and Jibeom in another. In the third car a fan drove Y and Joochan around. In the fourth car a fan drove Jaehyun and Seungmin around. Also the oldest member is Daeyeol and he is a 93 line so heโ€™s definitely old enough to drive! Y is a 95 (same age as me and I can drive!) And Jangjun is a 97 line, I wanna say it was Jangjun that said heโ€™s been driving for 2 years? (Though it may have been Daeyeol that said that, I canโ€™t remember.) Youngest is Bomin a 00.
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