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Get To Know ONEUS

ONEUS is a six member group under RBW Entertainment. They have had their own reality TV show since July 9th, 2018 and are supposed to debut sometime this month!


Name: Kim Young Jo
Stage Name: Ravn
Position: Rapper
Birthdate: September 2nd, 1995
Fun Facts:
Was on the show MIXNINE.
Ravn almost debuted in Victon but left Plan A before he could.
He appeared in Mamamoo's 'Everyday' Music Video.
Name: Lee Seo Ho
Stage Name: Seoho
Position: Vocalist
Birthdate: June 7th, 1996
Fun Facts:
Was on the show MIXNINE.
Was on Produce 101.
Name: Kim Geon Hak
Stage Name: Leedo
Position: N/A
Birthdate: July 26th, 1997
Fun Fact: He is good at speaking English.
Name: Lee Keon Hee
Stage Name: Keonhee
Position: Vocalist
Birthdate: June 27th, 1998
Fun Fact: Was on Produce 101.
Name: Yeo Hwan Woong
Stage Name: Hwanwoong
Position: N/A
Birthdate: August 26th, 1998
Fun Fact: Was on Produce 101.
Name: Son Dong Ju
Stage Name: Xion
Position: Maknae
Birthdate: January 10th, 2000
Fun Fact: Has a twin brother. His twin (Dongmyeong) is in the pre-debut group ONEWE.


Debut Trailer:


Who's ready for their debut?


I knew I saw them somewhere! I couldn't figure out where!
I can’t wait until they debut!
me toooooo
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ONEUS Community Introduction 📣
Hello To Moon! My name is Melissa! I'm new to the Fandom. I want to thank @Halsyeon for introducing them to me. I also want to thank for letting join her team. I will be doing a brief introduction of myself for those who don't know me yet. As I mentioned before, my name is Melissa. I will be sharing some facts and information about who I am. *I am from Texas, born and raised * I am a huge kpop fan * I'm in multiple fandoms * My hobbies are reading, photo editing, watching dramas and WWE wrestling. * I also enjoy fan fiction. I have dab into it, but need more practice to get better at it. * My top 5 favorite kpop groups are Got7, EXO, NCT, BTS and Nu'est * My Ultimate Bias is Jackson Wang from Got7 * My ONEUS bias is Leedo * So far my bias wrecker is Keonhee * I am President for EXO, Got7, and NCT *Besides being editor for ONEUS, I am on council for Pentagon, Super Junior, Monsta X and others I am looking forward to being part of ONEUS Community. I am supporting 2 members. Leedo is one of the members I'm supporting. I will be posting for him on Mondays. So stay tune for my future Leedo cards. Keonhee is the other member I am supporting. I will be posting for Keonhee on Thursdays. So stay tuned for my future Keonhee cards. * Kpop is the passion in my life. Well that's basically who I am. I am really excited about the new term. Let's show this amazing group how much we care. Let's enjoy the summer together! Until next time To Moon! To Moon Council: @Halsyeon @QueenyCrossGene @MelissaGarza To Moon Taglist: *Please comment if you would like to be added to To Moon Taglist* My Vingle Family @Just2BLoved @luna1171 @LiyahBoon @DefSoul1994 @QueenPandaBunny @QueenyCrossGene @Halsyeon @MaeLyn @royalpandajedi @BBxGD @BabydollBre @JaxomB @Starbell808 @EXOahjummafan @InfiniteUtopia @SweetDuella @CLAKPOP @Yugykookie97 @gabstar143