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Sad News

E’Dawn and Yanan will be on indefinite hiatus until further notice. Pentagon will continue as 8 members until then. Yanan will be out due to health issues. E’Dawn because of the dating rumor issue. I hope Yanan gets well soon and I’m hoping Dawn is taking this news okay! Pentagon won’t be the same without them but I’m sure the other 8 will not let us down! Everyone continue supporting Pentagon until they are whole again!
Seriously?! Why can't people leave them alone
I know right?
That's so wrong! If you really care about your bias, you'll want them to be happy. I wish them both the best. I'll be praying for speedy recovery.
This makes me so mad, just because two humans are dating “fans” want him to leave Pentagon. I even signed the petition hoping that maybe Cube would do the right thing and keep him in Pentagon. Hopefully when E’Dawn comes back these “fans” can either leave or pull their heads out of their asses. It’s not fair, these “fans” didn’t act like this when they found out Hui and Soojin were dating? Was it because Cube made those two break up and not E’Dawn and Hyuna? Man I’m so pressed today 😤
I signed the petition too! Also honestly I believe Hui and Soojin could still be dating. However Cube denied it saying they dated in the past and currently aren’t together (supposedly the picture of Hui and Soojin is recent.) The only reason E’Dawn and Hyuna’s blew up is because Hyuna got tired of Cube denying their dating rumors. So she announced it herself. Which I mean I understand her, people were calling her a slut and other awful names for being all over E’Dawn. (Well surprise bitches they’re dating so she can be as touchy as she wants, plus if Dawn didn’t like it I’m positive he wouldn’t stand for it, like he isn’t the pushover type.) So lemme go back to last year, there were dating rumors about Dawn and Hyuna. Cube denied them. Spring to this year, and there are rumors again. Cube once again denies. But Hyuna counteracts that with saying it’s true. This causes fans to ask about Hui and Soojin. Cube denies it saying they’ve broken up. Then this causes fans to ask about Yuto and Yeeun (CLC member) which Cube then also denies saying they are just close friends. Honestly Hui and Soojin may be broken up, or they may still be together laying low. I mean who would want to come forward now that Hyuna and Dawn are being shunned. As for Yuto and Yeeun I’m not sure. I just find it odd that fans just kept asking personal questions. Like we shouldn’t have to know if idols are dating or not. Is it nice to know? Yeah sure. But it’s their personal lives, all those shitty fans should stay out of it. I hope this helps explain some things! Please do ask more questions, I’m like furious about this whole incident.
BRUH I’M EVEN MORE PISSED NOW. Cube kicked E’Dawn and Hyuna out
This is really an injustice
I know? It doesn’t make any sense? There’s been a petition for him to stay in the group too.
Forreal! Like I think it’s wild that they shipped him and her together but then when it comes out that they are dating , all of sudden it’s bad and they want to cut him out. That ain’t right.
Omg right??? That’s what I don’t understand the most!
noooooo 😭😭
I’m so upset!!
@Halsyeon same! that news breaks my heart! 😢💔
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