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How Do Self-Defense Products Increase Confidence In Women While Walking Alone?

Walking or travelling alone has become a very big challenge for women today. It often becomes intimidating and frightening, if you are not carrying any safety measures with yourself. While women’s safety is very critical; it is also the fundamental right of the women. Some women stop going to the party and celebration as they feel scared.

Women must learn safety tricks as it increases the confidence in them. Also, carrying some self defense products with themselves would help them protect themselves from unseen threats and attackers. There are many categories of self defense products that are non-injurious yet effective. Here are the ways that can make you confident and safe while walking or traveling alone:
• Out of various self defense products, many women prefer pepper spray as it is easy to carry and operate.
• Another product is the tiny stun gun that may be useful in keeping your attacker down. When used, this gun sets an incredible 25m volt into the body of the attacker; leaving them immobile; however it doesn’t permanently injure or kill them.

• Women these days also prefer carrying lipstick pepper spray that can easily fool the attackers. It can be kept in the pocket, purse or anywhere due to its size and it is highly effective too.
• Another self defense product that is gaining popularity is the Kuba-Kickz plastic spikes or knuckles. These knuckles are lightweight and fit the shoes, which have a tongue and laces.
• You can kick your attacker with these knuckles at the legs or arms and make them immobile temporarily.
• There is slap hat available in the market which is another preferred safety weapon for many women. It looks like the baseball cap but is made of material matching lead which makes it a strong and blunt self defense product.
• Along with using the safety products, you must also be conscious and aware of your surroundings.
• Ensure the good condition of your car, if you drive. Also, check that there is an extra tire if the car has a flat tire. Don’t keep anything on the dashboard or anything valuable such as a laptop, mobile or purse, etc.
• Remember the location where you have parked your car and don’t park it in dark areas or far away from your destination.

Safety products are useful only when you are alert and are able to use it effectively when needed. Being watchful and moving straight to your destination would help you avoid people’s attention. However, you can explore the self defense products and choose the one that you can use comfortably.