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Hi guys! heehee the drama-crazy Luka is here to bug you again - this time with the "I Do I Do" previews! Follow me at if you want to get updates on the latest previews, and I think for I Do I Do, my darling fellow user LaVieEnRose usually does live recaps so you can check out her page too! ========================================== I Do I Do Episode 7 preview Click on this link: English translation here: Ji An said to Eun Sung: Dont waste your feelings on me. Eun Sung was shocked so he told their parents that they cannot get married. Ji An confessed to her parents about her pregnancy and SHOCKED them. Taegang waited for her in front of her house and saw Eunsung - which promptly got him super frustrated. Ji An said to Eun Sung: I will have a baby... I don't want to have an abortion Eun Sung recommended that she go to his hospital... that's it! Tune in tonight for I Do I Do live recaps at
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I can't wait !
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hi guys! I just found the Ep 7 teaser pics too! it's on this card
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