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Jay Chou - The Hunky Version
Jay Chou just revealed the new hunkalicious version of himself! He's been busy working out for his second upcoming self-directed movie. He's been going through 2 months of special training, and is know in peak performance! He's lost 8kg, and has fat content that is less than 8%. Jay even said "This is the most optimal physical condition I have ever been before!!!" This hunkalicious version of Jay Chou has even impressed himself (grin), and he's now thinking of going sleeveless down the red carpet for the upcoming Golden Music Awards. All I can say is.... yummalicious :) 周杰伦近来为第二部自导自演电影勤练肌肉,19日他为新片试造型照片曝光,精壮体态极具吸引力。他历经两个月特训,体重相较《青蜂侠》时期的最高峰,减肉八公斤、体脂肪降至仅百分之八,令他大呼:“这是我这一生中最佳的体格状态!”他日前透露想穿无袖服装走金曲奖红毯,看来成果值得期待。