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Promote your business with B2C e-commerce software

As ecommerce marketplace assumes considerable significance in the wake of growing online shopping preferences, B2C e-commerce software has become the in-thing
By Aruna R. Prakash

E-commerce has made shopping convenient for consumers across the world. It has revolutionized the shopping preferences. Presently, more and more consumers buy their desired products online. So, it has become all the more important to provide customers with very positive customer service experiences to run the business smoothly. Many of the wholesalers have started adapting the modern ways to sell through the Internet directly to the customers.
B2C e-commerce software focuses on retail transactions for improving customer experience by promoting seamless business to customer (B2C) interaction.This softwarehelps customers select their preferred goods at competitive rates, put these in B2C shopping cartand pay the bill online. These goods are later delivered to customers at their addresses. With the help of this software, people save their time and money.
The other important benefit provided by the e-commerce software is that consumers can access brands from all across the globe. For the sellers as well, it provides lucrative opportunities to showcase their brands to the maximum consumers.
The B2C e-commerce software has become one of the most sought after business tools for most of the companies to increase their sales online. The consumers are also equally benefitted by the easy availability of their choicest brands.
In addition to benefits to businesses, B2C e-commercesoftware also provides advantages to customers. Consumer can shop at their own convenience and time.There is no place or time restriction and they also get to have a better customer service. Nowadays, big companies give customer satisfaction its first priority.
In this mode, the consumer connects directly to the merchant who makes sure that at the end of the day consumer is happy and become a returning customer in future. Due to these purchasing options, the prices are quite competitive as compared to the physical stores in the conventional market.
There are number of good customizable marketplace software available in the market. A business entity can choose the right one that would best fit as per its particular requirements. Following are some of the advantages to use the customizablemarketplace software :
• You can choose the right softwareby checking software features, existing customer reviews etc.
• Many open web services enable you to connect to the current and future business systems.
• This software offers a growing pool of integrated applications so that you can use it easily and cost-effectively assemble a broader and more valuable portfolio that works for your business.
• You can have your own software developed with the help of software developers as per your specific requirement. You can even build entirely new applications using certain tools.
The e-commerce software has created win-win situation for both consumers as well as the products manufacturers as they don’t require going out to meet ease other. Most of the e-commerce websites offer multivendor e-commerce marketplace software platform which attracts more and more customers online.
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Fixed SQLite Encryption Error- File is encrypted or is not a database, how to solve it?
In today’s world, SQLite plays an important role and becomes a popular choice for local / client storage in application software such as web browsers as embedded database software. There may be chances where users encounter with “Fixed SQLite encryption Error – file is encrypted or is not a database”. So, in this blog, we will be focusing on SQLite, and how to resolve this error. What exactly is the SQLite? A software library is SQLite that provides a framework for the management of dependent databases. The key features of SQLite are self-contained, zero-configuration and transactional. SQLite source code exits in the public domain and is free of charge for private and commercial purposes. Multitasking is essential in nature for reading and writing SQL syntax. In contrast, unlike most other SQL servers, it does not have a separate server system. SQLite also has the ability to directly read and write to ordinary disk files. SQLiteDatabase has methods for creating, removing, executing SQL commands and performing other common tasks for managing databases. Most of the SQLite source code is for testing and verification purposes only. SQLite is not a database client-server system as it is integrated with the end system. Now, move further to know the reason for this error. Reasons for Fixed SQLite Encryption Error- There are two main reasons for “file is encrypted or is not a database error” occurs as given below: 1. The data file may not be secured by a password. SQLite is a relational database of at least one table and one file. Therefore, the error occurs when you have produced a file as a new file out of the table. 2. Approach is valid completely, but it creates a database as version 2. Let us move ahead to solve this issue. Approach is valid completely, but it creates a database as version 2. Let us move ahead to solve this issue. How to solve Fixed SQLite Encryption Error? To fix this issue, some steps are as follows: 1. Download and Install SQLite3: >>sudo apt-get update >>sudo apt-get install sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev 2. Once the documents have been installed, identify errors while describing the database in etc/turnserver.conf: Userdb=/etc/turnuserdb.conf Should be changed to: Userdb=/var/lib/turn/turndb PS: Some major parts of turnuserdb.conf have been given if you need: # You can listen ports 80 and 443 instead of 3478/5349 listening-port=3478 alt-listening-port=0 tls-listening-port=5349 alt-tls-listening-port=0 listening-ip=YourPublicIPv4 relay-ip=YourPublicIPv4 external-ip=YourPublicIPv4 #realm=yourdomain.com #server-name=yourdomain.com #It-cred-mech #userdb=/etc/turnuserdb.conf oauth User=youruser:yourpassword #use real-valid certificate/privatekey files #cert=/etc/ssl/certificate.pem #pkey=/etc/ssl/private.key no-stdout-log count YourPublicIPv4(x.x.x.) and youruser:your password. So these are the steps to solve the “File is encrypted or is not a database error” message. Go to these steps manually if the problem still persists then you can opt for a direct solution. The direct solution includes “SQLite Data Recovery Software” to solve all issues related to the SQLite database. This utility quickly solves the issue and also recovers data if deleted. Read Also- How to resolve SQLite Error Code 5 “Database is Locked”? Conclusion We have mentioned, all about the SQLite database first, then focused on the reasons causing this error. Also, we have provided a manual and a direct method to make Fixed SQLite Encryption error in this blog.
Dịch vụ thiết kế website tại Bình Dương
Trân trọng kính chào các bạn! Bình Dương Web là công ty đầu tiên và cũng là hàng đâu trong việc cung cấp dịch vụ thiết kế web tại Bình Dương với hơn 2000 khách hàng từ năm 2004 đến nay. Để thiết kế một website thì dễ vô cùng nhưng để website mang lại hiệu quả và là trợ thủ đắc lực cho bạn thì không phải là chuyện dễ bởi hiện nay tính cạnh tranh trên môi trường internet vô cùng khốc liệt. Vậy làm sao để bạn có một website hiệu quả? Hãy đến với chúng tôi. Bình Dương Web sẽ mang đến cho bạn một website: - Thiết kế cho bạn một website phù hợp với mọi ngành nghề. - Website có tốc độ tải cực nhanh, bố cục gọn gàng, mượt mà, theo yêu cầu. - Website chuẩn SEO, thân thiện với di động và các công cụ tìm kiếm. Điều này là rất quan trọng và vô cùng cần thiết khi thiết kế website. Dịch vụ thiết kế web trọn gói của Bình Dương Web quý khách hàng sẽ nhận được: - Một website hoàn hảo. - Miễn phí domain (tên miền) năm đầu tiên. - Miễn phí hosting năm đầu tiên. - Bảo trì, cập nhật website miễn phí năm đầu tiên. - Hỗ trợ SEO từ khóa, quảng cáo facebook, quảng cáo google,… Khi cần dịch vụ của chúng tôi, các bạn chỉ cần liên hệ: Công ty TNHH truyền thông Internet V3Media - Bình Dương Web Trụ sở chính: số 69/17, đường 30/4, phường Phú Hòa, thành phố Thủ Dầu Một, Bình Dương.  Chi nhánh: số 21, đường DX117,  phường Tân An, thành phố Thủ Dầu Một, Bình Dương. Điện thoại: 0848.155.789 hoặc 0947.27.05.86 Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/binhduongseo Hoặc: https://www.facebook.com/v3media.vn/
Create Your Own App and Update It Anytime
In order to create an app for web and mobile users is no longer a problem. You don’t need to have a professional background or be a skilled developer in order to create your app. Just visit apprat.io and build your app in no time. It is a great company based in Freiburg, Germany and the number of users of the Diy Mobile App Creator is increasing day by day. Apprat.io comes with a number of plugins by default which means that you can work on your app project easily and integrate your lovely services in no time. Thanks to this Diy Mobile App Creator, you can finally create what you have in your mind and make all your app visions come true. The best thing about this app builder is that you can export your app for different platforms as well. This will allow you enjoy the large number of customers and never miss any of them. As a result, your apps will be ready for iPad, iPhone, Android as well as the web. Just start using apprat.io and rest easy that no development is required. Apprat.io is considered to be a perfect iOS App Builder Software Online that will allow your iPhone and iPad users to enjoy your app. iOS users are a lot today and being available for them is crucial. Thanks to this iOS App Builder Software Online, you will be able to create a wonderful platform for your users. Apprat.io also has inspector sidebar which is a powerful tool that can help you modify every single item of your app. You can make everything in a way that the whole design will fit your branding and style. Feel free to change colors, shadows and text styles as per your demands and make everything the way you want. While using this app builder you can also click on any element wherever you want and drag it wherever you want. Also, never hesitate to try out every single design combination within minutes instead of wasting weeks in meetings planning the final design approach. Always strive to be adaptive to new requirements at all times. Apprat.io is a great and very Easy iOS App Maker that won’t leave you disappointed at all. In general, the creators of this website have done everything in order to create such a website where users will easily craft an app even without any professional background knowledge. This website is considered to be an Easy iOS App Maker and you should never miss this chance to use this app for your brand. Apprat.io has never failed in delivering stunning results and this is the best chance for you to create an app that meets your demands. This app builder is made for everyone and now you are just a few clicks away from having the best app for you. After creating your app, you will also be able to update it anytime and from anywhere. You can handle your daily updates and all the changes will be applied to your Android or iOS apps perfectly. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy this app builder and do everything on your own!
How to recover SQLite Database with different Approaches?
The most common problem with the database is to recover SQLite deleted database files from SQLite. But recovering SQLite data isn't fast. This blog will, therefore, explain all the appropriate solutions to solve the database concern. This blog contains several sections in which it will explain the SQLite Database first, then the reasons for deletion, and then how to solve the problem. Factors of SQLite Database Corruption: 1. Process action in a disk file. 2. Error in running applications can corrupt the database. 3. Incompatibility between running threads and processes can damage the data files. 4. If the SQLite Data Protection feature is disabled. Most important Points about SQLite Database: 1. A software library is SQLite that provides a relational database management system. In SQLite, lite refers to lightweight in terms of configuration, resource requirements, and database management. 2. One of the widely available services is SQLite in the world, with some more resources including numerous high-profile initiatives. 3. It is also incorporated in the SQL database engine and there is no single server system in SQLite, unlike any other SQL database. 4. It reads and writes directly to the ordinary disk file. However, users may mistakenly delete the records from the SQLite and then recover them to maintain business continuity. Read Also- Resolve All SQL Error- SQL Server Repair Kit How SQLite Database Structure looks like? The SQLite database follows the B-Tree structure A single B-Tree is used to manage each index and table within the database. All B-trees are stored in the same disk folder and specifics of the file format are consistent and well-defined. Furthermore, the btree.h header file indicates the B-tree subsystem & rest interface of the SQLite library. Database pages: The chief database file contains one or more pages. It's the power of 2 between 512 and 65536 if we're talking about the width of a page. The pages are of the same size in a similar file. The page width is calculated by a 2-byte integer that is set at 16 bytes offset at the server start. Server header: The top 100 bytes of the file form the header of the database. The file header is split into two separate fields. All multibyte fields are first saved with the most important byte in the server file header. How SQLite recover deleted records manually? If the files are not backed up, you can use the manual method to restore the database. 1. Initially, open the DB Browse for SQL Lite. 2. Hit on the Execute SQL tab to run the query. 3. Type PRAGMA integrity_check and hit on play button. 4. Go to File >>Export and choose Database to SQL File. 5. Pick the items to export. 6. Hit on OK button to start the export process. 7. Wait until the process completes then you can again import the database file. 8. Visit File >>Import and choose Database to SQL. These are the manual ways for SQLite recover data but this does not give correct output all the time. Therefore, the use of a direct way will be the best option to find the correct outputs without any mistakes. So, go with SQLite Database Recovery utility to recover the SQLite deleted Database. This tool offers a feature to recover data files from SQLite. Using this method you can access tables, images, triggers, and columns quickly. Conclusion In this blog, various approaches to recover SQLite deleted Databases have been given. Reasons and the structure of the Database also provided. You can use any of the above methods of your choice.
Taking care of the rise in rankings
It is of utmost importance to have great URLs, titles and descriptions, as these are the things that make a search engine result snippet. It's also important to find a link building provider with flexibility, accommodating multiple budgets, directives, and goals-especially if you have a diverse assortment of clients with different needs. Did you know thatBeverleyGrammar school is the oldest in England? TheIntersolof the maintenance phase is a confirmation of all the SEO work performed, in addition to any problems encountered and any lessons learned. As far as placement of banner ads in the area that is visible without scrolling, "less is more." Anchor text (alternative terms: link text or reference text) is the text of a hyperlink. Why not get your organisation listed in aFree UK Business Directoryto help to boost your profile online? Design your website so a visitor enjoys the experience. Optimise your site, paying special attention to html That'sPNSI always check the publish dates on their few most recent posts before pitching them. I'm on the lookout for an incrediblelarge rocking horse for adults. Offsite SEO is a culmination of all the ranking factors Google and other search engines consider that aren't directly on your site. To make this strategy even more effective, you can find related keywords and assign two to three related keywords or LSI keywords (latent semantic indexing keywords) to each post to send even more ranking signals to search engines. A comprehensive range of treatments are available to treat eye conditions includingcataract surgeryas well as simply changing your glasses. OneAssessment for SchoolsGoogle's biggest concerns with mobile-friendliness is the convenience and navigability of your site. This reason won't reduce the total cost of a full-fledged campaign, but it will grant you more flexibility to customize and improve the efficiency of your campaign. If you search on Google forSEO Consultantyou'll be presented witha plethora of options. If you search for auto mobile parts or revolutionary campers you might not find as many high quality options in the uk. What are the positive aspects of user generated content on today's web? Meta keywords used to be popular back in the day. IfBeverleyoutbound links point to irrelevant sources, or if they direct users to spam sites or other low-authority sites, it will bring down your site's authority just as high-authority links would increase it. Why are you using aurl shortenerfor your link building? Similar to your title tags, meta descriptions are a simple, but highly effective way to improve your SEO.SEO in York is here.As a result, Google started discounting such links. Doesstorytelling in businessreally work? IfAA Oxonsearch term is popular, chances are you will see a lot of ads posted alongside or even mixed in with the organic search results. Have you thought about CTR when assimilating your SEO strategy? According toSEO Consultant, Gaz Hall: "The majority of articles found on the internet are made for the search bots. As a company, you need to take care, as Bing and Google are coming down hard on firms when writing only for the search engine." Do you target the most popular (broad) keywords or do you target the niche (narrow) keywords? GuestURL shortenersimply means writing an article for another site. By doing this, not only will you be directing that site's audience straight to your content, but you will also be generating an incredibly useful backlink. This is also a great way to increase your site's reach and expand your audience, increasing your following and thus potential to build further backlinks and rank higher on Google. Play hard withplayground equipmentdesigned for both children and adults. When you incorporate real SEO into your website, you've made a conscious decision to plant a seed, nurture that seed, and help it grow over time. This long-term strategy and efforts produce high-quality results that continue to produce results year and year. Really, it's nothing short of amazing how such a must-have tool is completely free. What is the response rate for results based onleased line pricing? Try to target a hungry crowd by paying attention to SERPs Google'sArticle Leadsand Panda updates are two of the most well-known algorithm adjustments, causing sweeping changes in the SEO community. So don't think that Panda is the only one out to get you. An explicit, testable claim of uniqueness or superiority that can be supported or substantiated in some manner is a unique selling proposition. There'sVegan UKdanger that duplicate content will cannibalize the keywords you want to target in search. Duplicate content can be a problem on your own site, but also with any guest posts that you submit to other websites for backlinks. Link profile monitoring also shouldn't be your only mode of evaluation; for example, you'll need to study the patterns in your referral traffic closely if you want a better understanding of how your strategy is panning out, and evaluate other elements of your strategy (such as onsite optimization) if and when you notice deviations from your expectations. Interesting offsite SEO tactics that can help your business grow As you create content for your website, link to other pages on your site within your content. Use anchor text that uses the page's target keywords or phrases that explain what the page is about. SearchArticle Bankconstantly scan and index millions of web pages. Exclusive online promotion of a Web site is rare. You might think that it is pointless to start learning SEO tips and tricks as the algorithms of search engines keep changing. That may be true to some extent but you'll also notice that the points we will talk about below, have been there from the start and still play a vital role. Thus,Article Listingsis important to know the keywords that people are using to search for the products or services that a company provides.
Should You Move to Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform For Your Ecommerce Business?
Living in this digital world makes it seem so clear why online marketplaces are supposedly deemed to be the best when it comes to buying and selling goods and services. These marketplaces let vendors sell goods without having to owe any online store. This happens to be one of the most amazing ways for boosting the business. Not only can sellers start low, they don’t require much investment. Are you a retail business owner who’s looking to build your own multi vendor marketplace platform like eBay, Amazon or Etsy? Also known as Ecommerce or Ecommerce marketplace, the multi vendor marketplace is a unique platform that not only inspires an individual, but shops or multiple vendors to sell their products or offer their services executing a crucial plan. The owner of this unique platform is required to entice customers. Why a large number of retail business owners are switching to a multi vendor marketplace platform from ecommerce website? Here are some of the most effective reasons for shifting to marketplace: 1. A Huge Range of Products There are plenty of vendors that feature the products which are sold by on a multi vendor store. Any ecommerce store offering a huge range of products is considered to generate not only sales but traffic as well. 2. No Need to Maintain Inventory Expenses associated with warehousing and human resources can cause any startup owner to think twice before investing into inventory. When you have a multi vendor ecommerce website, sellers will take care of all the difficulties pertaining to inventory. 3. Lower Expenses Since all the sellers will be running their shops by themselves, there is no way you want to appoint people to do so. Well, your team can spend a lot of time giving answers to questions with respect to marketing. An experienced team will work in your favour and help you lower maintenance related expenses drastically. 4. Takes Away all the Pain and Hassles Dealing with inventories, logistics, pricing, product additions and updates that come along with managing an online store is not an easy thing to do. Multi vendor stores transfer these problems to those merchants who are operating individually. Multi vendor marketplaces provide great chances to buyers as well as suppliers for establishing new associations within and beyond their supply chain. As a multi vendor ecommerce website can consist of several sellers, it makes money by getting commission on both transactions initiated by the buyer and the seller. Marketplace websites don’t get a lot of commissions on the sales. The online shopping multi vendor marketplace offers a portal. This portal gives a boost to various production methods by letting businesses sell their products to consumers without any third party intervention.
Themes that Make your Wordpress E-Commerce Store Unique and successful
Theme templates play a very vital role in how an e-commerce store will work online. As they are so important in making or breaking the image of the store, it becomes crucial to choose the best one out of the rest. Today, I have brought some of the best-known e-commerce themes for your WordPress store. These themes are handpicked for your WordPress e-commerce store. These themes provide you with many designs that you can choose from and also, provides extended functionality which helps in creating a unique, professional and successful store for your business. Besides, WordPress E-commerce development services providers are always working passionately every day to develop more and more themes to help the merchants create a unique and successful store. So, In case you still find the difficulty to choose the theme for your store or extend the functionality of your selected theme, then consulting the company that provides WordPress services can be a good move. Let us have a look at the themes, now: Shopkeeper It is a very popular E-commerce ready theme, which you can use to publish your personal or company portfolio, showcase the products or create an online e-commerce store.` It is a very flexible theme that helps in carrying out web development ina very easy manner. It comes with a fluid and fully responsive design which allows you to provide an awesome viewing experience to your users. It also offers features like full-width sliders, parallax, and product catalog. Uncode It is yet another powerful theme for capable of managing all sorts of website archetypes. Whether it be portfolios or blogs of sophisticated businesses. It provides great ease of handling and usage of the theme. It comes with features like being a flexible, highly customizable, and intuitive user interface. Its looks are enhanced by revolution and layer slider like features. Divi This theme is an all in one website development solution for small as well as big businesses. It is also ideal for businesses like personal or professional, commercial or corporate, or even webmasters rookie It has a builder called Divi builder, having more than 40 customizable, unique content modules which are ready-to-use with a drag and drop actions. Jevelin This theme helps in saving time for choosing the theme templates and settings by providing demo websites and page templates. Once you are done adding up your content and finished with adding the desired graphical customization, you can live your store with the help of demo image content of the high resolution. It is an ideal option for webmasters who look for creating a store that is modern and handy without compromising the features which you need for a competent store. TheGem It is an ideal theme toolkit for those who wish to create sophisticated websites, with the spectrum of possible applications and fields of interest. It comes with three language alternative and is expandable to any language with ease. Porto It is one of the best eCommerce themes that you can use to sell anything online. It is known to be a multi-purpose tool after all. May it be a niche-specific or generic web store. it takes care of all the types of ideas which you might have for your online store. It comes with all the performance optimizations which help your website to score high. Wrapping up with the WordPress E-commerce Themes With this, I end up the article with the hope that it has been informative for you. In case you still did not find the features you are looking in a theme, I would suggest consulting to the experts providing WordPress E-commerce development services.
How to Solve SQLite Database is Locked Error Code 5?
When using SQLite Database there may be a situation where users face difficulties when performing operations and transactions. The difficulties faced are due to the “SQLite database is locked error code 5” issue. Therefore, to move out of this SQLite error code 5 we have come up with a number of solutions. Keep reading this blog. SQLite is a database operated in C language. Those users who are using this database they face database is locked code 5 error. So to move out of this state, move forward to know its causes. Causes of SQLite Database is locked Error Code 5- This error code usually appears when an SQLite user tries to execute two inappropriate transactions or operations on the same data connection and the same other information in a server. The error message shows that a similar operation can not be done as there is a transaction occurrence using the same database connection or a separate link to the database using a shared cache. As SQLite is a lightweight database it cannot handle a higher level of concurrency. When attempting to do two Select operations on a table simultaneously in a multithreaded application. SQLite_locked error is generated by an NFS locking issue. When trying to create or drop a table while there's a Select Thread on the table. Manual methods to remove “SQLite Database is Locked Error Code 5” - There are many manual ways to resolve it as shown below: 1. Applying Backup copy Locked error is one of the easiest ways to solve this SQLite database, making a database backup that has no locks on it. You can replace the original database with its backed-up copy after doing that. You can go through the scripts below to do the same task. $Sqlite3 .x.Sqlite Sqlite> .backup main backup.Sqlite Sqlite> .exit .x. SQLite means as a database file for SQLite. You will have a backup folder called as a backup. SQLite in the same directory. Now replace your old database file with the new SQLite database backup file copy. As the backup file doesn’t have any locks then code 5 will not encounter in the SQLite error database. $mv .db.Sqlite old.Sqlite $mv backup.Sqlite .db.Sqlite Once the above script is completed successfully, you can use the full access to your database Ensure the operations of reading and writing can be performed on the database You can delete the old SQLite database folder after that. 2. By increasing Time If a transaction takes too long, then access to the database will block other threads. In the worst-case scenario, when waiting for the completion of each other, multiple threads may be blocked. SQLite has a lock timeout to eliminate this problem. If a thread is detected waiting for a lock for more than the default time(5 seconds), the process is stopped and we face SQLite error code 5. So, by increasing the default time, you can able to remove this error. So these are the manual ways that the SQLite Database is locked Error Code 5. But these ways are very complicated, and the user will be confused when executing these steps. So it is better to use a third-party tool to quickly resolve this error. It is recommended to use SQLite Database Repair utility to rapidly solve this issue without making any changes in the data. This tool ensures no data loss during the process and it provides better results than manual ways. Final Verdict The database is locked code 5 error often faced by many SQlite database users So to sole it, we provided the best measures. Also, to avoid the limitations of manual ways a direct automated way is given in this blog.